• Thinking of getting a new card, GTX275, or ENGTX275?
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Quick question really, I was thinking of upping my machine's GPU, and I came across this damnation. Thing is, I've never heard of the "XFX GeForce 275 GTX 896MB DDR3 XXX Core Edition", and as a result, I don't know what the Asus ENGTX275/ HTDI/ 896MD3 has to offer over it, if anything. So tell me, facepunch overlords of hardware, is it better, or is it just a fancy name with "XXX" slapped on it? Actually, the XFX one appears to have CUDA technology and PhysX shit, but it's cheaper? What is this madness? [url=http://www.minfo.pt/catalogo/detalhes_produto.php?id=198720&cod=GX-275X-AHDF]XFX GeForce 275 GTX 896MB DDR3 XXX[/url], or [url=http://www.minfo.pt/catalogo/detalhes_produto.php?id=195222&cod=90-C1CMW0-M0UAY00Z]Asus ENGTX275/ HTDI/ 896MD3[/url]? (Portuguese website, but you'll understand what's there.) They're both around 235 Euros
What's your power supply wattage?
They are both going to be very similar, both ahve CUDA and PhysX, the only difference is the overclock that comes with the XXX edition.
And also the rest of your PC's specs would help
Get the cheaper one. The XXX is overclocked; not sure about the ASUS.
ENG generally means standard in asus's naming schemes
Ah, yes. I had an EAH3850 that was OC'd.
I see, I'll look into the cheaper one, then. Also don't worry about the power supply, I just purchased a 700watt OCZ, so it should be good for a while. EDIT: Thanks for the quick replies, guys. :buddy:
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