• Pocket Planes thread! "Good lord this is addictive!"
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There's this little button in the lower left corner with a plane and a magnifying glass on it. If you click on that you can change the colour of the plane and upgrade it.
aye, done that. also the leaderboards tab fuckin sucks
Adding some of you to my game center, I'm a very lonely guy.
add me as well i bet you absolutely cannot guess my game center name [editline]17th June 2012[/editline] wow lordcrypto not cool
nice job guys we are at #172 for this event
i can't tell, my stats never updated on the flight crew page
Stats are really finicky, I just had them work a few hours ago and now they don't.
yeah, its a issue with nimblebit's server i think we are currently #209 on this event [editline]17th June 2012[/editline] and if it doesnt give you a personal rank, its because you havent done any jobs for it
OH HOLD ON it's ranking for the EVENT?!
Absolutely Right now we're looking at getting a free part for a warhawk-p or something like that
Brisbane eh? good luck.. furthest I reach is Tblisi :v:
yeah I started in the western US and i've barely unlocked 3 add'l airports. I just put in two more planes in service too
fyi protocol7 and i wont be receiving the prize you have to deliver at least 5 jobs to get the prize
well fuck i really wanted plane parts
start expanding then duh im already out to new orleans
but planes cost bux and i don't have a lot of bux post how to get bux pls thx
stay in plane view tap bux when fly buy do bux flights theyll be greeen
a little hard to monitor it when I'm at work but I do bux flights is that all I can do for bux?
pretty much
Guys, imma start playing on my iPad too, it'll sign in with my gamecentre account but surely it'd help towards the events yeah?
if they are using the same icloud account it'll sync your iphones play status
It's using the same gamecentre account, but I started again, so I'm hauling ass in Australia
Is anyone in need of parts?
send me some? see if I receive them on both devices :v:
so what if I buy a plane and two airports in Australia? Will I be eligible to contribute to the global event? One of them would be Brisbane ofc
yeah, that should work
hang on, do you have to own Brisbane? or just fly to it..
well you have to have a airport there to fly there so yeaaaaah
oh yeah, i'm an idiot
Guys I added FPAIRWAYS to my flight crew but I don't see anyone? Did it yesterday, so don't come and tell me I need to wait. :suicide: [editline]18th June 2012[/editline] Also I earn money so slow, do I do anything wrong? I just load up, fly, choose the route with the biggest payment and done. And should I buy more planes, upgrade airport or buy more airports?
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