• 1600$ Build
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No more than 1600 (Include shipping) Gonna use it for alot of gaming (Starcraft 2, Grand theft Auto IV,etc.) and sometimes video editing but that's not my major focus at the moment. Don't need an OS or monitor At the moment resolution is 1280 x 1024 But I'm most likely gonna get a 1900x1080 when I can, does resolution really matter when building I live in the states. (Budget is subject to change ex: I get fired from my job)
We need a definitive budget here. And when are you planning to buy it?
Is there any local stores near you? Its generally cheaper because most can price match products from authorized retailers like newegg.com or tigerdirect
We only have a Best Buy near us. I'm hoping to buy it some time in October, but I can't get really anything definitive right now because of how temperamental the situation is for me.
wait until at most a week before you're ready to buy to ask for a build, prices and availability of stuff changes and if we use and combos in the build they'll most likely end by the time you're ready to buy basically making a build this early usually ends up a waste of everyone's time
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