• Bought a new ASUS Laptop, wondering what programs are worth keeping, and what staple programs I shou
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I bought a ASUS K53S laptop the other day loaded up with Windows 7. The specs are Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.3Ghz 6GB DDR3 Ram NVIDIA GT540M 1G DDR3 640GB Hard Drive I never realized how many programs it would come with, but there were roughly a dozen ASUS programs on my computer when I booted it up for the first time. I'm wondering if any of them are worth keeping, or if you know of any free programs to replace them. The reason I'm thinking about deleting them is because I think some of them may be running in the background or just generally clogging up space (maybe I'm overreacting but that's why I'm posting this thread). The programs are ASUS Vibe Fun Center eManual AI Recovery Burner LifeFrame Splendid Utility ASUS Sonic Focus e-Driver syncables desktop SE Nuance PDF Reader Wireless Console 3 WinFlash FastBoot FancyStart Now, as for programs to download as staples, I'm wondering what you'd recommend. I haven't bought a new computer in over 5 years and I'm sure my current PC is outdated, so I'll just post a list of what I've downloading so far. Spybot, Firefox, I-Tunes, uTorrent, Malwarebytes, VLC Player, Steam (with games), and..that's actually it. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few. I guess I should also ask if there are any programs that generally come with Windows 7 that are worth deleting. I have never used Windows 7 before so I don't know much about it. Things like Windows Live I think I'll keep, although I logged into my MSN account and everything looked entirely different, I couldn't even find out how to talk with my friends because the main page was bloated with news articles. The other question I have is I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prepare my laptop for games. I currently have CSS and TF2 downloading from Steam so I imagine I can run them without too much hassle, even if I have to play on low settings. But as this is a laptop, it's probably going to run into some problems if I try and put the settings up to high or very high - is there anything I can do to optimize my computer or generally just tips to run games smoother?
I looked up each piece of software one by one when I bought my ASUS laptop to see what each one did, in the end I just reformatted the the thing and installed the stuff I needed. Most the software that comes with the laptop is "fancy" crap you probably won't even need. I've heard a few good things about the FastBoot application though.
Format it and put linux on it! In all seriousness though: Now of those things seem all that useful. If you want an antivirus try Avast, it seems to work for me. For gaming theres programs like Gamebooster but I'm unsure if their any good, you can also set stuff like avast to "silent/gaming" mode. To clean your computer get ccleaner, its really helpful. Dropbox is nice for backing up and storing files. Then for videos I'd go with VLC but I have heard good things about Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.
[url]http://ninite.com/[/url] You're going to need an antivirus program, so get Comodo. [editline]20th August 2011[/editline] [QUOTE=The Beatles;31839023] Dropbox is nice for backing up and storing files. Then for videos I'd go with VLC but I have heard good things about Media Player Classic - Home Cinema.[/QUOTE] I've had better experiences with CCCP+Media Player Classic HC. Also, if you use Dropbox, which you really should, get ZScreen for taking screenshots.
[URL=http://forum.notebookreview.com/asus/380681-asus-utility-bloatware-guide.html]Asus Utility & Bloatware Guide[/URL]
Thanks guys, especially that last link. This laptop is great, I can finally play TF2 and even..ARMA 2! I bought them ages ago but my old computer couldn't handle them.
ASUS Vibe Fun Center sounds like some sex toy
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