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[QUOTE=compwhiziitothemax;16027689]builds with two cases and buids with 2 PSUs. I would not buy from you. I would run away.[/QUOTE] :ughh: I said that I couldn't decide between cases, and I accidentally added a second PSU. I'm not going to order for a bit, and what kind of person orders without checking over their list a second time. [editline]04:18PM[/editline] [QUOTE=lemongrapes;16037494]And why no water cooling? most of the people who would spend 4k on a PC would cream themselves at the sight of colored water in their case.[/QUOTE] The thing with water cooling is that it's difficult to keep working, I prefer oil submersion cases myself.
I wouldn't even dream of selling someone an oil immersed PC for one, if they're buying a premade PC chances are they don't even know the first thing about what they're buying
[QUOTE=reapaninja;16061769]I wouldn't even dream of selling someone an oil immersed PC [/QUOTE] Same...that's something I wouldn't bother trying to sell to a stranger.
That's why I wouldn't go with water cooled. Oil submersion, on the other hand, if done correctly is simple enough to explain to a 5 year old. Step 1: Get Case. Step 2: Add 8 Gallons of mineral oil. Step 3: Turn on. Done. Being submerged in oil is much easier than using the complex series of tubes, having to replace filters and such. I have a low-end computer running in mineral oil, and have for several months. No problems. [editline]05:16PM[/editline] Oh, and you certainly don't sell the mineral oil with it/in it. That would be stupid.
Water cooling is not difficult to set up or maintain. [editline]07:02PM[/editline] Also thank you captain obvious @ above post. :v:
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