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If you say "lol that shit gay af" to your friends, and all of you are the type to make that joke, then sure, that's not much of an issue. But if you say it in a public forum - even if it is an unprofessional one - that's a different context. We're basically all strangers. It would be like making the joke among acquaintances - sure, you're all friendly, but you don't really know each other's boundaries. Nothing to cry over, sure, but still worthy of a disapproving "hrm." If we shouldn't cater to single people being offended, then why should we cater to the thread-maker's feelings? Why should we coddle them over a dumb insensitive pun, saying "shh, it's okay, that was a hilarious joke, of course it was, everyone who didn't like it are the real meanies"? Why go through so much trouble to value a dumb joke over people saying "that was a dumb joke"? Why drag this out? It really should have been just "trannysparent, get it", "that's a dumb title", and bam, that would be it.
Expecting the same respect everyone else gets isn't isn't being pushy.
Because you're still the ass of a joke, repeatedly, over a long period of time. Especially since most jokes are demeaning. That "you look like a tranny" example you had is very clearly specifically targeting trans people for reasons I explained above. Even if the joke isn't directed at you, being a punchline is. not. fun.
That's perfectly alright, you are not obligated to understand it, however at the same time you may have noticed that a number of individuals are displeased with the forum's behavior, therefore would it not be a nice idea to perhaps do something that makes them less displeased if it's something that comes at no detriment to anyone?
You don't need to understand it, however I don't get what you're doing here. You keep repeating the same thing over and over and we're all clearly in disagreement. You're not getting anywhere with this topic.
Yeah, you don't have to understand why something is harmful in order to think to yourself, okay, people are upset with my actions so I'll stop doing them for now until I have the full picture.
Why is this stupid ass argument happening in this thread anyway, there's an entire thread already dedicated to it
please leave
I'm not offended, you're just talking in circles and getting nowhere, and you're displaying a clear refusal to listen.
The thing is people constantly hide behind it being a joke when they're actually being serious. And most of the time it's impossible to tell whether they're joking or not to begin with. Either way it's still inappropriate to refer to people using a slur in public. You lack social awareness because you're showing a complete lack of social awareness here. Not because you have X view. If a guy and his boyfriend came up to me and said “Please don’t say that”, I’d just apologise and move on. I wouldn’t understand their reasoning, is my point. Well lucky them. This is no different a situation though and yet you're trying to pass it off as a total nonissue.
Please stop posting. You keep ignoring my posts regardless.
In other news: hi I haven't posted in the thread before, because I was worried about posting publicly. I did post in Discord though. (even if my last visit to discord WAS a year and a half ago. sorry about that) However, I just went outside in girlmode for the first time, so at this point I'm feeling "eh, screw it".
Really feeling the absence of Winner right now. I'm really happy for you!
hahahaahhahahahahahahhaHAHAHHHHH i didnt think norway's 'official' center for trans care could get any worse but it somehow did: if you (as in, me for the last year and a half) get any medical procedures done with the help of private 'unofficial' trans care people, the 'official' people will immediately just reject you without thinking twice if you get referred to them, and even if they havent already rejected you and youre actually going through their diagnosis process but get 'unofficial' medical procedures done, the 'official' people will just drop you. just because "we cant get a proper diagnosis!!!!!", never fucking mind how it would actually make their job easier because someone getting f.e. hrt will know if it alleviates dysphoria, or if it makes them feel worse in case they actually arent trans, all before ever getting a referral to the center thats the only way for me to get even close to getting srs through the healthcare system just completely out of the question. what the actual fuck are these people
I've come to realize my family's acceptance isn't absolute, as in they don't want to be near me when I transition, they don't support my transition and they don't think I should transition until the depression largely caused by my dysphoria is cured without transitioning. Maybe it's a bit much to care about my family's opinion so much, but I'm an indebted, severely depressed trans girl whose lost 99% of the people close to me irl. If my family condemned me for going forward with it I don't know what I would do.
oh my god i found a sort of article written by some top staff of that 'official' center, its ridiculous. if it didnt show through how their center actually treats trans people, id think that article was satirical
This is basically what happened to me through our public care system because fuck waiting 3 years for an /initial appointment/. I'm not 100% clued up on Sweden but if I were you I would just continue privately if you have the means to do so, that is what I am doing now.
So I've been figuring FFS stuff for the last few years, and if I actually want it or not. In the last week or so, I've been scheduling and getting consults on it. And now today I finally have a surgery date set for May 1st for my FFS, I'm absolutely ecstatic
Go you! I remember looking at a quote for FFS and my wallet cried loudly from somewhere in my room. One day
whats like... the optimal time to get ffs i heard some people wait 2 years ive heard some people get it in 6 months is it better to wait or does it not matter
My doctor has suggested considering it after 2-3 years to let HRT run it's course. I've not heard of people getting it as early as 6 months but could well be different in other parts of the world. I know of someone who got FFS before starting HRT at all, although that is a really rare case.
oh i just passed 6 months on hrt :toot:
hit 1 year on HRT https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/215602/642b3fa8-e728-4d97-b3ad-88b20cd2a6cf/image.png
trying to find a reference for HRT is killin me T.T also congrats you two!!! that's awesome can't wait till I finally start one of these days
one of these days i'll join the cool kids club and actually get the titty skittles :c
Its fine and dandy until your genetics decide you're gonna have DD cup size at month 2. Thank goodness for big shirts and sports bras or I'd have a lot to explain
That sounds hilarious! For them to just go like *WOMP* in two months.
I don't think they're growing anymore, but it doesn't bode well for me when the family line are historically well-endowed. Maybe they'll shrink for all I know!
Someone can have my tits, I can live without 'em.
ill take em but ill need info on what im buying
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