• Phys motor turns 90 degrees then turns off...
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  • As the title says. I've been using a phys_motor for the first time, had a looksie at the example, but whenever it starts, it turns 90 degrees then stops. I'm not seeing anything else I can actually change to prevent this. Any help?
  • have you checked flags? [editline]05:19PM[/editline] Or the output from the button?
  • There's a model there, but it turns 90 degrees meeting no resistance, then comes to a compete halt. How would something stop its input...?
  • [QUOTE=swampie;20723463]But what if you want to see it Meh, Texture...[/QUOTE] phys_motor is invisible, he's assuming it's what the OP wants.
  • [QUOTE=swampie;20723556]ah, I see maybe parent?[/QUOTE] ... I'm not really sure what you are getting at, but if you read the OP that's what he's already doing.