• Gm_SpaceExploration - A new space build map!!
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  • [QUOTE=Themingemac]Can you play it without Space Build Gamemode on.[/QUOTE] If this was a question. The answer is yes.
  • I am just wondering becuase I am sort of making a little map but howd you make the stairs in the oilrig like so its seethroughish but its metal too and GREAT MAP but i want to know more about the other planets and not just the one with the oilrig
  • im new to gmod so if someone could answer my questions: How do I install space builds or what do i put the files under? Also do i need any addons to get these maps to work? thank you
  • [QUOTE=rsslcs;17105912]Wow, necropooost. Anyway, is there a link that works plz?[/QUOTE] You just bumped it yourself, tard.
  • You should get more experience with hammer before you try making spacebuild maps.
  • [QUOTE=rsslcs;17106113]Wow, another necropooost. Anyway, is there a link that works plz?[/QUOTE] um, the one in the first post works...
  • Is it possible to make this map like the gooniverse is? I mean, it would be playable with life support: * zero gravity in space * one or more habitable planets * one or more inhabitable planets (too high temperature to live/ too high pressure to live/ no atmosphere to hold breathable air, but all these kinds of planets are able to be terraformed to habitable) * one or more space stations that has the ability to keep breathable air inside = habitable (saw the pictures of one and it has some kind of shield near where the ship was landed) *one or more space stations that are abandoned and doesn't have breathable air or any shields = inhabitable * asteroids where you can mine life support things or sumthing.. Just asking, because I haven't found any maps like the sb_gooniverse that works with life support in same way... Would be cool if you add these features that I mentioned..! ^^