• Seeking Source developer for a new PC game from the creators of Stanley Parable
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My name's Davey, I made the Stanley Parable, the remake of which is coming to iphone and steam later this year. I've got a new project that I want to explore with a skilled and collaborative 3D mapper. I'm looking for a Source mapper, someone skilled in hammer. Additional modeling/modding experience is perfect. As for what kind of game this is, well, I want to keep as many details under wraps as possible. Just know that I would ask you to apply your skills in ways you've maybe never had to use them before. This will not require particularly difficult mapping as much as an ability to have your head messed with and mess with others. I realize this is vague, if you're intrigued and you want to know more please get in touch and I'll share. Please email me [email]dwreden@gmail.com[/email] with your prior work. This is a paid full-time position, so make sure you'd be able to really commit some serious time to it before applying. Thank you!
Stanley Parable was that crazy narrative story right? This sounds interesting. I would like to create something that really messes with people. But if I may ask, how long might this game last? A couple hours?
[QUOTE=slayer20;35657053]But if I may ask, how long might this game last? A couple hours?[/QUOTE] No idea! If I had to imagine, somewhere between 2 and 8 hours, but that will be completely determined as we go along :)
Interesting, full blown game eh? Licensing is a bitch with the source engine but my interests are peaked. Possibly might apply, we'll see.
I'm interested. I'll send you an email.
As cool as this sounds and how much I want to do it, I don't think I will be able too. I have an attention span of abo- SQUIRREL! -ut 2 seconds. Plus I have other projects I'm currently not working on that need to be done.
Cakebread, you should ask a guy named Fewes. He's an incredible mapper as well as an amazing modeler.
Would like to participate in this. I'll help if you need it, Davey.
Sent you a Pm
I was like "great one of these people again" until I saw Stanley Parable. I wish I was good enough to help out but alas, I am still a beginner compared to these old beans.
Hire everyone and have the first ever community created game.
[QUOTE=Eyefunk;35660826]Cakebread, you should ask a guy named Fewes. He's an incredible mapper as well as an amazing modeler.[/QUOTE] Pretty sure that hes been working on his own mod. So wouldn't think he would be apt to doing it. But you never know.
sent an email.
Although I cant offer full time, I can offer my assistance in anything whether that be just assisting or creating a few things for you. Although, I much prefer to help for free.
I said that I stopped Source developing but... this looks terribly interesting, what should I do :I
Loved the Stanley parable, hope your next outing is just as good.
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