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  • [QUOTE][img]http://archer.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/4f75a1cb0a1bc.jpg[/img][/QUOTE] A small map I made with self-made textures. One afternoon I had just finished up the latest version of one of my typical dark, ominous maps and thought 'I should make a cheery, colorful, cartoony map'. And here it is. It's a simple map in terms of both layout and aesthetics, consisting of two opposing houses and, how original, crates that provide cover. [URL="http://www.gamebanana.com/cssgg/maps/164719"]V1 download page.[/URL]
  • [QUOTE=LemONPLaNE;35645852]Congratulations, You successfully recreated GoldSrc in Source.[/QUOTE] i'm so proud
  • [QUOTE=mopman999;35674921]I don't get it [editline]22nd April 2012[/editline] What is it exactly?[/QUOTE] Gun Game map.
  • [QUOTE=Kahgarak;35681036]Gun Game map.[/QUOTE] Sounds about right, most gun game maps are sort of half-assed.
  • [QUOTE=sphinxa279;35683779]Sounds about right, most gun game maps are sort of half-assed.[/QUOTE] Sadly, this is very much true. Often I get the feeling 90% of them are fullbright devtextured blockfests. thanks for the boxes