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hello, i like the music take on Black & White :) (the game, i've play the 1 and 2^^) then gg for your map
I noticed in your video that an antlion appeared out of midair. Would be cooler if they unburrowed hl2 style.
This is so fun, good job! I like that part where you find those pyramids and get that thing, and when I got that statue thing, and I didn't get scared by that scream
Thanks for the bump , really appreciated (no I'm serious). Was looking for a good space map to use, this looks pretty damn good enough for me :smile:
Is there a guide somewhere or a few hints? I got the one thing and put it on the thing...but it looks like I need a few more things.
great map love it but how come its not on garrysmod.org anymore?
[url]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111188022&searchtext=sb_omen[/url] You're welcome
Spacebuild 4 This map is extremely laggy!!! I think it's when the day/night cyce happens along with a few things that orbit around the map... Is there any way to fix any of the lag that happens? or are there any new maps that have been made for spacebuild?
Sorry to bump but uh, does anyone have any working DL winks for this map? Can't seem to find any.
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