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Ok, I know it may seem like the event has fallen to pieces, but it HASN'T! All the maps have now been uploaded, as well as all the addons I could think of that we're likely to use without going over the top, the parasite gamemode for if we want to play that and I am at least fairly certain that all of the maps are pakratted so you won't need extra textures etc. The only thing I may still have to upload is an RP game mode, but I will do that tomorrow. All Kraven has to do is the last of the setup stuff and turn on the server, but I asked him to wait for now since I don't really want to start the event with a nice long day of me being at college. Unless Garry manages to break it again in the next 48 hours, the server and event will start up on Friday afternoon/early evening.
A week late that is. (i'm not blaming anyone) I'll try and be there.
So, can we have a link to the stuff? Or will that come withing 48 hours too?
The link should be there shortly before the server goes up. Or maybe at the same time. I'm not certain how Kraven wants to do things.
Oh ok.... So are we gonna do every map you listed? Or is it just most of them, or what?
Well we have the server for a whole week - I'd be dissapointed if we didn't get through all of the maps.
Okay, the server is up and MOSTLY working. 'Mostly' meaning that some people can't join. Kraven will be attempting to fix this when he gets back in a few hours. The actual event won't start until 6:30 GMT+1 *grumbles about summer time*. Until then, you are welcome to join the server and have a quick look around the latest beta of v2. The server uses FastDL, which means that when you join, if you don't have the maps or anything it automatically downloads from a URL, giving you your maximum download speed. If you particularly want to download the maps seperately, you can do so here: [url]http://fastdl.gmodworld.com/PLANETFALLRP/maps[/url] [b]EDIT:[/b] It appears there is a problem with the server where only one person can join at once. Kraven is currently at work, so he won't be able to fix it for me for a couple of hours. Until then I can only suggest that you download the maps ready for the event.
The server is now working 100% and the event has started!
I tried the ip...but it said it failed after 4 retries :(
Ah, sorry about that. The server had to be reset a couple of times to smooth out some more problems, the IP is the same but the port reset itself:
The server is currently not working (we accidently crashed it and the auto-reset hasn't worked), but Kraven should be able to fix it when he gets back.
awww I wanted to come back on (btw its me Fatal_Error)
I'm currently trying to make space propaganda to go on the ship I need ideas I have 2 so far but the second one needs work.. [url]http://s702.photobucket.com/albums/ww26/mackalda2k6/?action=view&current=Earth.jpg[/url] [url]http://s702.photobucket.com/albums/ww26/mackalda2k6/?action=view&current=Galaxy1.jpg[/url]
Meh, needs more Parodies, like back on Hometown, with the joke descriptions on the back of the Game Boxes. "Planetfall Needs YOU! To Commit Suicide." "To use Core Eject, please stick your head out of the window, your body should follow shortly after."
That "Earth, Fight For Her" one is from Halo: Combat Evolved. I know because I've beat that game so many times...
Yeah...I was hoping someone would catch that one.
^.^ Glad I could help.
[QUOTE=MattyK;14466833]Meh, needs more Parodies, like back on Hometown, with the joke descriptions on the back of the Game Boxes. "Planetfall Needs YOU! To Commit Suicide." "To use Core Eject, please stick your head out of the window, your body should follow shortly after."[/QUOTE] I like this idea...my first idea was to take old ww2 posters with the hot girls in them and re-vamp them with new girls and sayings...If you could supply me with some good ideas then I'll put them into posters.
How bout something with Robot Zombies? Hey shadow, the server is entirely down.
By the way guys, the server is back up and everything is normal. Everyone can now flock back into it and have moar fun!
Yup, I confirm this from inside the server.
Loved the old one, hope this one is better and i can actually spawn weapons without gmod crashing. lol
Heres a new poster I made following a more comic style...this is a rough copy of it. [url]http://s702.photobucket.com/albums/ww26/mackalda2k6/?action=view&current=smoking.jpg[/url]
LOL! Try this one though. It might get more Giggles. [i]"The Current Smoking Zone is located on the Sky-deck, approximatley 2 metres off the Port Bow. Please mind the GaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-"[/i] That's me thought out for now.
Seriously, that server needs to get rid of newadmin, I get the same message with every other server that has newadmin.
What message?
We would get rid of NewAdmin in an instant because both me and Kraven hate it, but unfortunatly something (probably Garry) broke ULX, so that refuses to work. NewAdmin is the only other useable admin mod there is. Also, what message? For those who don't already know, I made v2-b3-3 today and uploaded it to the server. It's mostly the same, but I fixed numerous bugs that had been pointed out to me, as well as adding a couple of things such as additional escape pods. If any of you have tried to reach [url]www.planetfallrp.com[/url], you will have noticed that it's been offline. Kraven is in the process of moving it to a new server, so it should be back up fairly soon but I'm not sure when (the gmod server is still working 100%).
Just tried out the map and its beautiful
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