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Alright, Let's just make a couple of things clear here before we jump into this. I understand that these sort of HL2RP maps come and go a lot around here. A lot of you have probably seen some great and not so great maps come and go, some get pushed out and are released and some, however, fall into the "development hell". Now, Maybe you're wondering why I've decided to try and make a map? Maybe you're not, I dunno. Well, I'm gonna share anyways. I'm bored of the current selection of maps. I've seen the same dozen or so maps used over and over and while a lot of them are great maps a lot of them are also not very good. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and kiss my own ass and say I'm here to save HL2RP with my map. It'll probably never make it out of development because that's just the kind of person I am. However, I'd like to make sure I don't do that and I thought what better way then to get the opinion and critiques of the community! I don't have a lot to show at the moment, but I felt like I've gotten to a point where its appropriate to start showing off what I have. Let's get to it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the events of Black Mesa in 200X and as more Xen creatures began arriving onto Earth hundreds of thousands of citizens across the United Kingdom began fleeing in the masses towards city centers across the UK, such as London to find protection against Xen forces. The Invasion of Xen also brought in a massive influx of refugees from neighboring countries in Europe and The Middle East. The European Union unsure of what to do with the massive influx of Xen Forces and Refugees began to destabilize. Many European countries lacking in the needed defense and infrastructure that relied on The European Union began to fall as the EU was unable to give them what they needed. As many countries fell and the EU began to collapse the United Kingdom stood strong with the help of The United States and was able to deal with the influx. The City of London was transformed as the city was basically rebuilt to deal with the influx. By 2010 London had a population of around 13 million, the United Kingdom itself having a population well into the 100 millions. The 7 Hour War, however, would greatly reduce the populace leaving only a couple hundred thousand in its after math. A city once full of rich history dating back thousands of years reduced to nothing in a matter of hours. One of the cultural capitals of the world plummeted into a fiery hell scape of rubble and corpses thanks to the Universal Union. A monarchy dating back hundreds of years which held a firm grip on most of the world at one point and was considered a pop culture icon in the modern era disintegrated in a matter of moments. The Universal Union soon after the war ended captured all members of The Royal Monarchy, All Heads of Government, and Culture Icons and had them executed on live television while the world burned around them. As The 7 Hour War came to an end the Universal Union thought to leave the remains of London and move on. However, the Universal Union began to see the city of London as the ideal location to erect their industrial paradise. Entire city blocks that weren't destroyed pre war were flattened and replaced with towering factories and warehouses. Historic buildings such as the Westminster Abbey were blown up and replaced with a weapons factory to help arm the growing OTA forces on Earth. The Universal Union redesigned the Buckingham Palace into the Union's Palace for their main headquarters in their England Sector. Destroying miles of parks and historic buildings to create Loyalist Hubs for their brainwashed servants.  Nowadays half the city is starving and breathing in toxic fumes day in and day out while the others dine on restricted meals, get elaborate surgeries/augmentations, and leech off the power of the Universal Union. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://imgur.com/a/BIZ5B Here's a link of everything that is done so far. Mainly all that's done so far is the front exterior of the Union's Palace and the main idea of the roads leading off of it. Feel free to leave any critiques or suggestions.
I like your ambition; the first thing that stands out is the overly bright lighting, I hope that isn't here to stay. Another is the bland color pallet, the exterior could use more color and the interior could use more detail, but this is understandably early I assume? Good luck by the way.
I like the exterior lighting, reminds me of a clear winter/early spring day
Thank you for the kind words! All the lighting you see now is just a placeholder so I can take screenshots and I'm also trying to see what looks okay. I'm thinking of going back into the interior and taking it apart and seeing what I can do to fix it.
So I've been sick for a bit and I also haven't been quite sure what to do with the Nexus. I wasn't happy with the inside so I'm trying to go through and change things up and I think I'm finding a design that I like that doesn't make the whole room feel cramped and closed off. I also noticed the courtyard inside of the Nexus wasn't similar to the actual Buckingham Palace so I went back and I've attempted to make it look a bit better and I think I did a pretty good job. I've definitely fixed the spacious feeling it had and made it a more desirable place. I know this isn't the biggest update in the world, but I just wanted to give ya'll somethin' to look and pick at. Here's pics to look at below  imgur.com/a/GF7tG
imgur.com/a/e4U2E The project isn't dead, just struggling with a nexus layout. Would anyone have any ideas how to making a good lobby that will work for both CCA and Citizen alike?
Is the lobby supposed to be used for rations or something? I'd move the stairs outwards so instead of wrapping awkwardly in the center they occupy a majority or two walls. This leaves the inside open for scenic propping for ration lines, etc. The shields at the top of the stairs should be toggled on and off from another area so they can be used as a means of travel. Normal CCA gate access can be added through a simple sliding door on floor 1, maybe.
https://imgur.com/a/AdCfX Fixing up the Nexus Lobby, I think I'm finally getting the idea I want. The Nexus Lobby and the Ration Terminal are going to be two separate items. Also I've decided to completely scrap and redo the CA area and I think this looks pretty good.
Gotta start working on Loyalist Lane because I'm sick and tired of the Nexus atm. imgur.com/a/8oBEg Not much to show, but it's getting there.
When you start to go more in depth with your map. I suggest turning complex brushes into props such as the statue or stairs. Keep your numportals low and keep it up.
I'll probably do that down the line to keep everything low, just got to look it up and all that jazz. Also, more work has been done on Loyalist Lane today https://imgur.com/a/YR6a3 Also messing with the lighting, not sure what to do yet.
Not gunna lie those 2 shots look nice
Make the lighting not pure white. Make it a little bit yellowish.
Lot's of progress is being made guys. I don't have any screenshots to show just yet, but I've made quite a bit of progress over the past week. Definitely much more than I thought. I've been thinking of a version 1 release date actually, but I'm not certain of anything just yet, but I'll say it might be summer 2018. Don't want to make any promises. Hope to have some screenshots out soon, most likely tomorrow, but at the latest the end of the week. I'd like to have a lot done to show everyone. Alsooooo if anyone is interested there is a discord that I post fairly regularly on of stuff I may not always share here. It's for a hl2rp server, the server isn't very active atm, but that's okay if you're just looking to see some behind the scenes screenshots and maybe if you wanna talk there! ( Discord )
So, I've had this crazy idea that I'm gonna be returning to this project after a 3 month hiatus. I didn't like leaving it undone like that. Even though I did run into some problems I've decided y'know, fuck it try again. Stay tuned.
If you ever need help, you can add me here.
Can i have a look on vmf or bsp ?
I'd like to help you with that map. Is it possible ?
Anyone looking to message me please add me on my steam! @Mr.Kleiner , @DesertedCake Steam Community
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