• Looking for a Garry's mod mapper
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Hello everybody, I am new to facepunch forum. Today, I am writing a new subject because I am looking for a mapper that could make us a Second World War map. This person needs to know a couple of things about this war so that he could know and have the same image of the map as us. It would be a server based on the war that had place in the Pacific Ocean American vs Japan. So the map would be like a tropical island. More information will be given. You can contact me by answering at this post or contacting me by email: koukihakam123@gmail.com We have money. We could talk together about the price on discord or TeamSpeak. Thank you very much for reading this post.
If you wanna pay for the map, you can always post a job on gmodstore, I don't think facepunch is the right place to hire people. Just my opinion, do whatever I guess
Hello, I could be interested in your project but I would need more information, thanks.
just use gm tropics
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