• Hammer freezes when compiling! Please Help.
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I have heard that a lot of people have this problem and I have looked around but still cannot find an answer. When I run my map the compiling box pops up and does its thing for a little bit. But then it stops responding all of a sudden, and hammer starts using 99% of my CPU lagging out my whole PC. Each time I try it does the same thing. I would highly appreciate if you could help me out.
The compile isn't really frozen, it just appears to be frozen because it wasn't made to be user friendly. Leave it long enough and it will actually finish compiling. If the compile takes forever then your map isn't optimised properly. Also, there are several custom tools that let you control how much system resources the compiler uses etc. Im sure someone can link those.
The first map I made took all night to compile, amazing how much computers have come along since then.
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