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Is it possible in hammer to make something that can follow you? I wanted to make something like light that can follow you. If it is possible.
What do you mean by "follow"? Like a player holding a flashlight or a static light that points at the player as he moves around
I'm pretty sure he means something like an "irrlicht", like a glowing ball of light or such that follows the player, kinda like a slender npc? Definetely possible with the use of entities, but don't ask me how.
Ok thanks
You can parent things to the player by typing "!player" in the parent field. env_sprite doesn't actually cast light, you could try a light_dynamic or env_projectedtexture
Would that automatically make more of those if I am in multiplayer game.
Nope. You would need a trigger to create a object and parent it for every player every time they spawn.
Hey just saying you can set the target of a light entity such as a projected texture to !player and it will track the players position.
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