• Pitch black area, when I have light entities.
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I am currently getting a problem with a map where, in an area that has light entities, the area is pitch black. The flashlight still works in the area, however. Log: ================== VBSP ================== materialPath
Copy and paste special into a new .vmf file. Paste special by right clicking in a view port and selecting it.
That did not work, sadly.
can you post an image of the area
Are any of your lights named? I remember that named lights don't illuminate props properly, but that was a few years ago, so valve being valve might've fucked it even more
Actually, I fixed it by naming some of the lights. I don't know exactly why that worked, but it did.
oh wow, well, as long as you don't carve a make-hollowed sphere it should all go well from here on out
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