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I think having a character limit of 40k is reasonable
This has probably been missed in all the drama. What is the limit for OPs?
Hell, I made a post where I was VERY close to this new limit, and all I did was post a simple batch script and a configuration file. If I'd actually included the base init script, let alone my modified version, it would be over by a factor of 4 or 5 times.
What's the actual reason for not upping the limit? I can't imagine a few more paragraphs of text is really a huge burden on the servers, so refusing to up it because you think the RP community is silly and a waste of time is kind of petty and an overall dick move to a loyal section of your userbase. (Note: I've never been a part of the RP threads so I have no personal stake in this.)
Code tags are really there for snippets, full scripts you should be uploading. The site supports any filetype.
I mean, I guess you can upload them, but I'd like a system to embed them in a page and then tag them to default to minimized. It's cleaner to look at.
I hear and agree with your suggestions. Unless there's some technical reason for post limits that I don't understand, I would love to see a removal or significant expansion of the post length cap, and think the suggestions to limit the displayed length of the post until something is clicked to expand especially long posts is a a good solution to the GUI ugliness of page-stretching mega-posts.
I don't get this post. If you had beef with people RPing on this forum you would've had us shut down 7 years ago during E&R. Sure, that wasn't the Count of Monte Cristo in terms of length and complexity, but if at no one at any point popped their head, saw how complex and elaborate these pieces of creative work were getting and put a stop to it, why gimp us now and downplay how devoted a community we have generated? If you wanted to just kill any motivation we had and hope we die away, you're doing a good job. A few particularly loved GM has just thrown in the towel because you've made the situation unworkable, and refuse to accept that even the most rudimentary accommodation for our needs would make this thread a solved one. And yeah we're not amused at BDA coming in a shitposting because this issue means a lot to us. I've found a great community of good people, and at one point, back when On the Backs of Broken Men was running, it was pretty much a reason to just hang on when I had nothing else going for me, being locked in my house having to look after my grandmother for 2 years. That RP was a rollercoaster of new developments, creative writing, and all sorts of excitement for the players involved, and whatever spectators that looked on. Now at the beginning of the year we had Iron Will, a spiritual successor (or predecessor? Not really relevant) to that RP that was meant to surpass the old RP, and bring about months of anticipation and excitement and scheming amongst the involved, and if it lived on it would've surpassed it. Now it's dead in the water because the GM felt completely hamstrung by the arbitrary character limit, and other popular RPs like EoH are also halted in its tracks. Whole creative works left unfinished because someone can't see the forest for the trees. For what fucking purpose do you insist on being so adamant about us "misusing" or being illegitimate somehow?
So, wait, do you believe that a post limit was added to posts for the specific, targeted purpose of inconveniencing forum roleplayers in some kind of sneaky conspiracy to "kill your motivation" and drive you from the forums? I mean, I haven't talked to garry about this personally yet, but I can pretty much guarantee that he didn't design the new forum features in any deliberate effort to inconvenience roleplayers lol.
We talked to Skalduna and he's recusing himself from this discussion for the time being. He's already edited the post.
It was a poor wording on my part out of frustration. Please don't take it to heart.
i dont really see the point of character limits since theres a "view full post" feature already built in, but if garry isnt going to budge cant you just use pastebin? honest suggestion
Cool beans, that sounds a lot better now!
We are hoping to be able to have all the content here on Facepunch. We don't want to use FP as middleman for the RPs. Besides that main point, pastebin doesn't have the best way to organize posts nor does it allow pictures to be viewed with posts IIRC
I agree with BDA's suggestion on clicking to expand long comments. If nothing else then I suppose we can look to another suggestion.
As I state before, the way we format things with quotes, keeping those collapsible would make posts much more compressed without sacrificing actual content, though I have noticed that quoting gimps images. Is that an actual problem or deliberate design?
Easy fix for images would simply be to post them outside the quotes. With the collapsible quote idea, it would make marking each nation easier in RPs as you would see the flag image above the quote and know what nation that quote box is without having to expand it. I do not think it's a deliberate design, though. AFAIK quotes do count toward text count.
I'm just going to repost this. Look I get that this wouldn't be a top priority, but the ability to embed material into posts and organize their content would be really neat. Better navigation, and a solution to page stretching all in one go.
To expedite things, I've make a poll to just bring in the opinions of lurkers or people who just don't have a big argument to post. We can better gauge the views of the forum that way What should be the ideal character li...
Why would we want to kill forum RP threads? I always found them very entertaining to read, and I think they really add to the community. People can get into those man, you start to remember certain common posters and become friends with them, building a story together. How come we dont like rp threads but stuff like creationism corner is okay? What would it hurt to up the post limit to save a cool part of the forum, even just upping a little bit would help right? Why be stubborn?
It's not about being stubborn, it's about questioning why things are how they are. Should a forum allow huge replies, is there ever any need for that? Is that how forums should be used? There are technical reasons why we'd want to put a size limit on posts, but we can deal with them if there are legit reasons for it.
I think the long replies are okay though, they make facepunch have higher quality posts, as opposed to brevity and dumb memes like reddit.
Show me an example of a long reply that is high quality that won't fit into the current restriction
Well for starters I consider the RP threads high quality, a lot of work and detail goes into them. I cant speak for the whole site, (I browse specific subforums mostly) and I don't wanna go digging through months of old forum posts, but I distinctly remember a lot of stuff in the TF2 section that was long as hell, but well thought out and researched analysis about the current state of the game. I cant tell ya if it exceeded the current post limit, but Im sure a few of them did. I guess I understand where you are coming from but I just dont see the harm in allowing higher post limit if possible, unless its really technically taxing?
But posts aren't uniform across subsections and different sub-cultures on Facepunch. Some posts are quick, one-off shitposts like WAYT, while others are in-depth, analytical, or extensive (or a combination of all three), such as the RP threads or Polidicks threads, more specifically the ones that evolve into full fledged debates that last for dozens of pages sometimes. Different parts of the forum have different posts and, by extension, different posting formats and traditions. There are different niches on Facepunch so that posts of the same type can be grouped into a single section. Our sub-culture essentially requires large, formatted posts to get the information, events, and story out in a single, easily accessible post that can also be archived for future reference and searching.
Nobody should be posting a full log file THAT long on a forum. It should be linked as a separate file or hosted elsewhere.
If there is a way to conveniently embed it in a post and automatically minimize it, why not? Plenty of tutorials would benefit from dozens of code snippets, and that can rapidly sprawl into tens of thousands of characters. This may not be the place for this, and I apologize if that is the case, but are very long threads still a problem? I remember vbulletin had problems where a page on a thread would query the database for all previous posts, so megathreads would destroy the server eventually. Has that been addressed with these forums.
In every day chit-chat we probably won't hit the character limit often at all, really, but there are niche scenarios where having a longer limit would be nice. Creative writing, tutorials and guides, reviews, long-form debates or persuasive essays, etc. It's definitely not the highest priority in the world, with all the other stuff that's still on the roadmap, but if we could at some point work out the technical and stylistic limitations, I don't see any real drawbacks to a longer character limit, and a big enough handful of scenarios where it'd at least be worthwhile. Currently, though, I've only bumped the limit once, when trying to list all the cities in which political protests were planned regarding Trump. According to the lil' tooltop that pops up when you're near the limit, it would have taken me nine posts to list them all lol. Ended up just dumping them to a pastebin,
I feel like this hasn't been answered.
Did some testing to see when the indicator turns red and the post button is disabled: For topic starts: 65511 characters including spaces. For normal posts: 15935 characters including spaces. Note that this is plain text. Things like using formatting, embedding images, bulletpoints and whatnot, will use up extra characters.
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