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Drag the file into the post box and it will upload it, alternatively hit the upload icon. And yes benefit from code snippets not entire blocks or full scripts.
Big difference between posting code snippets and posting useless stuff. If someone really needs everything then upload it elsewhere or upload the file.
If increasing the character limit is REALLY out of the question for whatever reason, then can we go back to what Emperor Scorpious suggested where quotes don't count toward the character count of a new post? I still feel like that is a good compromise because it still nice formatting of our posts.
That doesn't make sense because it's still contributing to the character limit?
I mean, I don't know how the forum works and all that. I'm just giving potential suggestions.
Quotes trim the contained text so the result would be more compact posts but tbh we're kind of shooting shots in the dark, we don't even know the reason why there is a reply limit in the first place. Is it because of data size? Page stretchers? Is it because Garry wants the forum to be used a certain way?
there's already a thing that cuts down long posts where you have to click to expand the post. So it certainly isn't page stretchers. We shouldn't have to justify making long posts, it should be justified to us why there is a limit in the first place.
Speaking of that: @garry what are the reasons for there to be a character limit in the first place?
Seeing that you can create quotes just as easily as by going > like this It means that they're storing all of that as part of the post. This is true too because if the original post is edited, the quote is still pointed to the old content. So it is still counted character wise, and seems like an annoying/weird work around for such a small group of people. It's a misuse of quotes and makes no sense to add that feature. Thing is nobody has given Garry what he wants - which is a good reason to up the character limit/make a workaround.
alright fuckers, let me tell you why this post limit is gay sure, the RP's get broken, which sucks, but that is fucking nothing compared to the absolute masterpiece that is....:INCEL: AN INCOVENIENT TRUTH right now iit only shows this: "Bad Input, (65831) too large", but I did archive a small chunk of it, which goes as follows (if it'll let me): hat else is all history, but the praise of Rome?- Petrarch Badboys are pussies, not alpha males. The easiest way to tell if a man is alpha is to observe if he has the respect and cooperation of other men, especially other men in general (i.e. he has power and respect in society, not just socially). You very rarely see a “badboy” meet these criteria. When you do, it’s usually an alpha fooling around to get laid. Alpha males don’t usually get the chicks. They get the best chick and she tends to stick around and beat the shit out of any other girls who come around. The multiple sex partner thing is the omega male’s gig. You usually see all sorts of deviant behavior going on, in addition to this. Although he is getting laid, he is powerless in relationships as well as every other aspect of his life. No one respects him, not even the psycho chicks who screw him. – Bonecrker Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring. This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve, all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female. – Elliot Rodger The country that starts off with the smallest government ends up with the biggest government. – Stefan Molyneux THE STORY OF YOUR INCEL – AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH PROLOGUE: I get a lot of messages from women, most of them curious or positive. After reading hundreds of their messages I can think I can safely say I am able to see that I got a message from a young British woman before even knowing anything about her location. Messages which are completely bereft of any capitalization, grammar, sense and sentence structure, messages so atrociously written that a 10 year-old could do better and completely contradictory to the point of contradicting your own claim and then going back to your initial claim, immediately reveal a British girl. This is a consequence of a generation of British girls who grew up without fathers. Sure, they have biological fathers, else they wouldn’t exist, but their fathers are the kind of monsters I will be talking about here and so are their mothers. But this post isn’t just about such issues . It doesn’t just talk about Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle guests. It talks about all kinds of monsters, even extremely well-educated and eloquent ones. This is the story of your incel. It will describe what made you incel and how you can finally end it. But, much more importantly, it is a story on the future of the human race currently threatened with extermination. This isn’t some potential extermination which has not yet begun – it is an extermination which is already almost over. While it would be too much to say that most people on the planet have already been exterminated this is certainly true in Western countries. This is the most important post I will ever write. It is so important that i will change my nickname in a few weeks after enough people see it. This is my magnum opus. If you read just this text from my blog it is enough for a lifetime. It is a great misconception that being an involuntary celibate means you are somehow defective. In fact, it is the completely opposite – in modern society you pretty much have to be degenerate scum to succeed with women. That notion PUAs and Red Pillers have about alphas is ridiculous – what they’re describing as alphas are not alphas at all but omegas, the worst kind of men, and what they see as omegas are simply betas. Men who get women in today’s society are the actual losers. Elliot Rodger was right about many of these things but unfortunately never managed to understand the problem the way I did – had he been given a chance to do so he might still be alive. What caused this? What happened? This is a modest proposal me and men of CoAlphaBrotherhood site have – Liberalism and feminism turned women’s preferences from providers to seducers, thus genetically eliminating all decent men through involuntary celibacy. But before I can get to the crux of our argument let us establish some basic truths that will allow readers to understand our position better. NECESSARY PRECURSORS 1) All civilized societies were patriarchies. 2) Women are agnostic about male behavior. This means they’re not naturally attracted to any type of man but that their preferences change depending on which kind of men is the most successful with women. 3) In connection to nr.2, women’s preference for a type of male changes simply based on a degree of success a type has with most women. 4) Seduction is worthless, even harmful for most species, as it does not promote any valuable traits that make the species better. It is a form of deceit males make do spread their genes and it creates worthless offspring. This is explained by a phenomenon called  5) I believe voting is a privilege that should only be given to intelligent men and shouldn’t be given to women. FOUR TYPES OF MALES There are basically four types of males or male mating strategies in the world. ALPHA MALES General description: These are dominant, strong men who are usually the leaders. Their intelligence and morality are less important but must have at least average intelligence and are often quite intelligent. Alphas are men like a Fortune 500 CEO, mafia leader like Tony Soprano or statesmen like Vladimir Putin. Mating strategy: The way these males reproduce is by dominance/high status/strength. Examples: a strong king, warrior etc (in the past), strong mafia leader, statesman, CEO of a Fortune 500 company BETA MALES General description: Weaker than alphas. Not suited for leadership positions. Providers. Their intelligence and morality are less important and while they’re almost always of average to good morality they don’t think about morality much. Their role as a provider requires them to usually have at least average intelligence. Mating strategy: These men offer their resources for female emotional and sexual fidelity. Examples: A good foot-soldier, worker, employee OMEGA MALES General description: Weakest type. They lack the respect of other men, except the most superficial “respect” from fellow idiots so they’re not fit to lead any organization aspiring for success. They are of low morals and often low intelligence. They don’t necessarily have to be stupid, but they are always immoral. However, since stupid omegas won’t care about child support they also won’t care about contraception, which means they will have as many children as they can. This means that being a stupid omega is currently the best type in terms of reproduction. Mating strategy: These men use seduction. Their lack morals and often poor intelligence means they’re not fit for long-term relationships. Their evolutionary advantage is their immorality. Since they’re despised by all other types and are not in any alliance with them they will not hesitate to seduce other men’s girlfriends and wives. Examples: Throughout most of history/ in societies that aren’t omega societies – a conniving man with a bad reputation for seducing women. In omega societies/many current societies (and practically all Western ones) – an immoral, stupid deadbeat who gets women due to being a moron. For example, a PUA but not just them. Most men today are omegas. COALPHA MALES General description: Weaker than alphas but stronger than betas and omegas. Their possess a high level of intelligence and morality. But the fact that they’re smarter than betas is even a sort a hindrance to them in a modern society, as these men won’t be foolish enough to support a used up slut in her 30s and her child so no women will want them at all (I will explain why later). Mating strategy: Mating strategies of these men depend on the kind of society they found themselves into, which will be explained very soon. In alpha societies these men are usually in position very similar to betas but if the alpha society hold values like intelligence and morality in relatively high regard they might be more attractive to women due to these qualities. But, their best mating strategy is to form a coalpha group, which assimilates both alphas and betas into a monogamous society where each man has a single wife and excludes omegas. Examples: leading class in the golden periods of Athens, Roman Republic, England 1500-1800 AD, early USA, members of CoAlpha forums, any man with high intelligence and morals who wants increased co-operation between men. SEDUCTION I now have to describe the evolutionary impact of seduction. I first have to start by addressing what seduction is NOT. Seduction must not be equated with sympathy or the feeling of what is called falling in love. Perils of Fisherian runaway, process described by Ronald Fisher, closely resemble the perils of seduction in humans The main hypothesis of Fisherian runaway is described like this: The evolution of male ornamentation, an example being the colourful and elaborate male peacock plumage compared to the relatively subdued femalepeahen plumage, represented a paradox for evolutionary biologists in the period following Darwin and leading up to the modern evolutionary synthesis; the selection for costly ornaments appearing incompatible with natural selection. Fisherian runaway is an attempt to resolve this paradox using an assumed genetic basis for both the preference and the ornament, and through the less obvious but powerful forces of sexual selection (a sub component of natural selection). Fisherian runaway hypothesizes that females choose “attractive” males with the most exaggerated ornaments based solely upon the males’ possession of that ornament. According to Fisher, if strong enough, female preference for exaggerated ornamentation in mate selection could be enough to undermine natural selection if the ornament under sexual selection is otherwise non-adaptive (naturally selected against). Fisher hypothesized this counteraction would result in the next generation’s male offspring being more likely to possess the ornament (and female offspring more likely to possess the preference for the ornament) than the previous generation. Over subsequent generations this would lead to the runaway selection (via a positive feedback mechanism) for males who possess the most exaggerated ornaments. However, this becomes disadvantageous to for the birds, as…. The plumage dimorphism of male peacocks and female peahen of the species within the Pavo genus are the de facto example of the ornamentation paradox that has long puzzled evolutionary biologists. The peacock’s colorful and elaborate tail requires a great deal of energy to grow and maintain. It also reduces the bird’s agility, and may even increase the animal’s visibility to predators. It would appear that the expression of an elaborate and colourful tail would serve to lower the overall fitness of the individuals who possess it. Yet, it has evolved. Within the context of evolution this would indicate that peacocks with longer and more colorfully elaborate tails have some advantage over peacocks who don’t, that is to say the expression of the costly tail serves to increase overall fitness. Fisherian runaway posits that the evolution of the peacock tail is made possible if peahens have a preference to mate with peacocks that possess a longer and more colourful tail. Peahens that select males with these tails in turn have male offspring that are more likely to have long and colourful tails and thus are more likely to be sexually successful themselves because of the preference for them by peahens. Furthermore the peahens that select males with longer and more colourful tails are more likely to produce peahen offspring that have a preference for peacocks with longer and more colourful tails. Given this, having a preference for longer and more colorful tails bestows an advantage to peahens just as having a longer and more colorful tail does bestows an advantage upon peacocks. I am not trying to judge the amount of validity this hypothesis has in its original context. For one, I am not not educated in that field. Also, not even all of the scientists agree. My point is that this resembles what I will be talking about here in a way that it describes the horrendous impacts of seduction on human species. Seduction is inherently worthless. Being “sexy” alone doesn’t mean anything. In many societies throughout history extreme obesity was a status symbol. Being attractive means nothing on its own. What matters for the betterment of species is why somebody is attractive. If somebody is attractive due to positive traits that is the most important factor for it’s betterment. If one is attractive due to negative traits that is horrible for its betterment. One of the greatest lies told today is that just by being reproductively successful you’re successful participating in a betterment of the species. But how is that logical or possible if the main tool for this success today is seduction, which offers nothing but “pretty feathers”? What needs to be accentuated is that things like presentation of strength, material goods or intelligence/morality aren’t seduction. Seduction is “smooth talk”, it is a desire to procreate by giving nothing at all. In other words, seduction is an evolutionary tool that is, if successful in a large number, disastrous for the species, since it removes the incentive to produce from men unskilled in it (but skilled in vital things) by removing their ability to ever enter relationships, have sex or create a family. It is the single greatest negative aspect of modern society. Nothing is more disastrous for men, women or children than seduction being a successful evolutionary tool. Seduction is disastrous for men since it enables the most stupid and immoral men to procreate while destroying the incentive of decent men. Seduction is disastrous for women since it turns them into sluts who pick any man if he is immoral or stupid enough (which modern Western women believe is “sexy”) and it eventually likely turns them into single mothers Seduction is horrible for children since it means they will be a product of most immoral and stupid men as well as sluts and that will likely live in a single-parent household and in poverty (since they will understand that wealth is no great reproductive tool). Seduction is simply an all-round disaster. But let us go deeper.
is there any reason for that
This is actually a serious matter we'd like fixed, so please dont come shitting up the thread for laughs.
i don't know about you but this piece here is the most vital piece of facepunch history, at least that I remember. The source is this: https://caamib.wordpress.com/the-story-of-your-incel-an-inconvenient-truth/ and it was posted in this thread: Guy from misc shoots up the place I order sandwiches from, kills..
yeah but could you not, theres no reason to be going and trying to shit this up
how many characters are the badage boys, i think that would be a good limit if the badage boys lore expands so does the limit
this is actual shitposting wtf
Using that post as an example doesnt count because it is a shitpost. If it was a legitmate essay then yes that would be helpful, but it isnt and doesn't really help the case at all.
alright fair enough guys you're right that was an absolutely terrible example and I'm sorry for shitting up the thread then, for what's it worth I actually think this is a legitimate problem.
Garry very likely has his reasons, and while I personally think that he should list these reasons - he's under no obligation to. He's already stated that if people can give some good reasons/examples why, then he can work around these limitations and increase the limit. Issue is you have people like Qbetex going about this the wrong way, and people should focus on finding what convinces Garry instead of throwing fits.
Why not just upload it as a file? You would even be able to do some clever formatting or have more elaborate presentation because you're not limited to the forum's editor. Seems to me like that's an easy compromise that benefits your guys' situation - at least easier than trying to convince an administrator to change parameters.
it would be best imo if garry actually did share the reasons why cause at this point nobody really has faith in the reasoning being good other than "because I can"
What exactly is wrong with the examples I've provided? Yeah they are niche uses, but they are bound to come up eventually at some point. Some of the multi-week news threads have gotten positively enormous in the past. Why would they not do so again?
There's nothing stopping posters from uploading their post as a .pdf or .rtf or anything along those lines.
And I'd like to know why that's somehow better than having the content embedded within the post itself.
I never said it's better, but like I said, it's an easy compromise that has some benefits when it comes to formatting/presentation.
Tbh limit all posts exclusively to emoji's itll be great
I'm just going to say here that I've been running these RP games since the very start (I created and founded the community) and have been doing it for over 7 years. this isn't really as big a problem as people are making it out to be, and I've run, written, and posted RP games while I've been overseas in a hotel, in my girlfriend, banned, kicked out of the RP community (half of them are humourless autistic bellends) and when I have been working a full time job. I even had somebody send me emails once to do their turns when FP PMs didn't work that one time so its really not impossible. I started these games without any special treatment, it's not like when making my first one I went and asked Garry to go change the forums for me so it would be easier to write them, nah. I just went and worked with what I had then, and ever after this update I still have a lot to work with and I adapted - why can't you? I can run a new RP game running despite the 15k character limit by condensing the information, and if even that's too short i'm just going to outsmart it by splitting it into multiple posts or making use of screenshots or throwing a pastebin link in there. It's really not as big a problem as people think. I mean yeah the character limit is inconvenient and it would be nice to have pre-newpunch posts fixed but if I can still run an RP game then so can you.
Obviously a solution here is to outsource, Better yet, abuse something that actually works with Facepunch both vertical AND horizontal scrollbars, word wrapping got funky I guess with the embed style patches https://gist.github.com/Scrxtchy/ee93a3cecaf6632a8dc71dfd1b663b78
that used to take up the whole page
How many times are you going to mention this thread?
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