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Sorry, I didn't know you already saw it. I've only mentioned it one other time (I think).
I really have not been interested in Forum RP, but with such small character limits on posts we would not been able to experience caamibs insane rant on being incel for example. It tops at 22k words and >100k characters of pure logic and discussion. And for that case alone I vote for an increase. I cannot find the post itself but I can try and post the content if need be.
Yeah the character limit as it stands now is way too low. I got lost in drafting up a fuckoff gigantic post for polidicks and realized I had gone over the character limit well over an hour ago. I'm not even sure I can break it up into multiple posts because I have no idea what automerge is gonna do with that
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I cheated and used screencaps to get the whole thing across in one go It does occur to me that I got the wrong idea from that percentage thing that popped up by the time the paragraphs started really stacking up so maybe I'm just an idiot
If you don't mind me tossing in my two cents. I made THIS post in LMAO pics back on oldpunch; An overview of all LMAO pics threads since the beginning, along with some statistics. A collaborative effort involving the work of several users. (Again, thanks @Parallel_LCD , @PortalModIV , @Meeseeks , @Ezhik for the help 💖) If I were to create this post today, I would need to divide it up in three chunks. Not saying that hitting the character limit is a common and everyday problem for everyone. I'm just saying that it isn't impossible either.
can't say i remember doing anything but ur welcome
You created the LMAO pics v81 thread which had a LOT of additional info that I was looking for in the first post. Not crediting you for that work would be pretty uncool.
>7 years ago oh god that's basically in my previous life
Out of curiosity, what happens if you hit the character limit, and then try to add a second post. Do they merge? Does the post break?
The forums go down
Not sure if conclusion to this topic was drawn yet but in support of larger caps, the OP for Mouse Megathread is broken which is pity because obviously lot of work went into it.
The entire bee movie script (old meme sorry just needed some samples) is 62.96 KB Ignoring whitespace cuts it to 39.73 KB because it's all double spaced and apparently spaces are pretty necessary in any Latin-derived language. Skip spoiler to not be nerded out. This does mean that text files are INCREDIBLY compact. It's almost as efficient as storing it as raw binary data, in fact, barely different. The text file also has to indicate that this shouldn't be parsed! How does it know not to turn 01100001 into a? That's where the phantom space comes from. (see bytesizematters.com) Legacy computers used to have "binary privilege" where 8 binary digits were the same thing as storing the string "a". This is because back then literally everything was in binary, and parsing it into a string was special. There wasn't a lot of GUI, everything was console, strings generally weren't important except for the small amount of UI there was. This isn't present in text files because the need for continuity rose as binary became less and less common to see. To program every single binary operation in Windows 10 would be fucking insane, let alone a waste of your life. But before you start using legacy software, let me assure you with some facts... Not very big right? That compact disk laying around since the dawn of time is at LEAST 300KB, probabaly MB. You don't care. The thing is, when you are hosting a server, size really counts. Lets say garry has 100TB (because he's fucking boss and is the cousin of a cloudflare IT guy or some shit) of storage space on the facepunch forum. If we get the peak users (3 days ago at 19274) and assume that only 25% of them posted an average message size (which is 10-25 words [gee what a mouthy bunch]. In my data collection I skipped polidicks and newsbots because, well, they aren't human)... ba dum tssh. Anyways using these passages over and over again (10, 20, 25 words) Number 3 is kinda cheating because it's latin but who cares Sad. Sad! Sad... Sad sad sad sad? Sad! Sad! S a d. Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam sed odio porttitor, luctus justo eget, elementum arcu. Duis fermentum felis elit, mollis vestibulum justo ultrices. This means that on that day, again, 25%, would take up... 113 Bytes/Post *(25% of 19274) --------------------- 544.49 KB of Space I also think that my data was a little incorrect and should be quite higher. This is also a conservative estimate. It's not much, but if we plug in all time views, still assuming 25% posted ONE short comment. 0.329520769 GB of Space Still not too impressive, huh? I mean, it's quite a bit, but it will take a while to fill up a 100TB server. Also I doubt garry has 100TB but whatever. I'm saying he has 1/10 PB of storage space because I can and it grounds this massive claim a little bit. Well let's go with these numbers so far, and say that the average post length is what I think it is, lets say 50-100 words. I'll give you guys the benefit and say 70. 1.402650353 GB of Space Okay then, that happened. The point is that the community will grow exponentially, but likely will the maximum capacity for this server. Worst case scenario we just delete some really old comments and dead threads. Also, this number is pretty inflated, this is a very bad estimate. Assuming this is true then it would take 195 years to fill up garry's massive server. Yeah, doesn't seem like such a big number now. But, facepunch will grow, and that number will decrease more and more. Assuming the server is even 100TB large. I think the post character limit is fine, if anything this post proves that idea. We aren't running out of space too soon. Even still, I think we can utilize community donations if we ever need to go there. Deleting trash threads works too. Maybe a fast threads post timeout and some other legacy post-finding destructor bots, or giving the user the ability to delete the post if the bounty has been claimed, etc, etc.
The space used is irrelevant. It's not storing them in c:\posts\. It's in a database.
So why not increase max post size?
then why the limit?
The posts are stored in a database, for that to be optimal there should be an upper limit on the post size.
At least change the 500 character limit on the custom CSS, i want to botch up facepunch smh
just throw it on github and use @import url '';
The database is (presumably) already storing the oversized post from old Facepunch. Why is the limit set lower that what the database is already setup to store?
Because if he'd rather limit all future posts why not do so? He'd much rather avoid having large posts in the new format if at all possible, and for the sake of keeping proper records he migrated the old ones.
I definitely realize there should be an upper limit, but what about breaking down big posts into a collapsed and full version. Only display the collapsed version at first, then have the page pull the full post when people expand it. Or just have the forums break posts down into chunks that load as you scroll, but only if the user expands it. You see that with image loading on lots of sites these days.
That's a lot of work. Why are the posts so big?
I will admit that, perhaps, folks may not reach the character limit as often as some of us may have imagined. Sure, we've named examples, valid or not, such as lists (whether it be the one I mentioned in the OP, the one GabrielWB linked, or the example BDP gave), debates (Sitkero's example), coding (even if there may be valid complaints with the examples Zephyrs gave), and last but not least, the forum roleplaying games. These are niche occurrences, true (not to mention the niche examples BDP gave), and we can all agree that an upper post limit does make sense (otherwise theoretically an entire post could take up the remaining space in the database), but we have proven that the limit has been reached since the migration to the new forum software, and there will likely be cases such as those named by Sitkero, BDP and GabrielWB that'll encounter the limit once more, and then be forced to use a third-party site if they are unable to summarize what they were attempting to say, usually with some sort of compromise to the original post, such as the loss of formatting. Increasing the character limit to 50k, or even just have it share the same limit as OPs do (which is about 65k?), would be just fine. Once you get past 60k, one should really ask themselves what exactly in their post is of note. As it is right now, if we were to take your thoughts into consideration on other topics, such as the encouragement of many smaller threads, with the current character limit, it would make more sense, for example, to make "response threads" during debates, to take advantage of the larger character limit OPs have, thus leading to the fracturing of discussion in the initial thread from which the debate began. A larger character limit would prevent something like this from happening, making sure that threads aren't just made to respond or call someone out. If we're to encourage the creation of more threads, we'd want those threads to stand on their own two feet and to have some purpose behind them, same with the posts that would go in those threads.
@garry with all due respect mate, can I ask why you're being so stubborn on this? I mean sure you've got to have your reasons for limiting posts, and I get it you've got a lot on your plate with the new forum, the migration, and every user asking for this change or that change. But you've legitimately crippled a part of your community. We've been here for years and years, most of us are part of the "old guard" and were around during the days before GMod 10, back when it actually was a mod and not on the store. At this point it feels like you just don't care that you've messed up what we have come to see as our haven. All we're asking for is an increase to the post limit. It doesn't have to be huge and it doesn't have to be across the entire forum. Surely you could increase the post limit to specific subforums, right? I can think of a handful right off the bat that doesn't just benefit the roleplayers. Besides Games in Progress, how about Sensationalist Headlines, Polidicks, Automotive Addicts (How To/Diagnostic Threads?), Science, Hardware & Software, Creationism Corner's Writing subforum, and Programming? I'm sure they wouldn't mind a post limit increase either. It doesn't have to be much, mate. Just throw your community a bone, can't you? What about 100k for the OP and 50k for replies? Or if it's possible, 30k for replies and 50k for OP replies? IDK. My point is your adamant refusal to even consider the request in this thread feels like you don't give a shit. We get that it's "your forum" but aren't you doing all of this, the upgrades the changes, for us anyway? Can't we see eye to eye on this?
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