• Delete existing APNGs?
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Here you go.
You're right, it's not a bad idea. It's an absolutely awful idea. If you want an anonymous forum then this isn't the one. Facepunch has always been about the community, and I want to be able to easily recognise who is saying what.
750KB should be the max file size if animated backgrounds we're to ever be allowed.
hasselhoff obviously
I don't see how it'd be dumb. Up the transparency on the background picture and it'd overall just look cleaner.
or learn how to use your avatar properly and it'll look even cleaner
It looks cheesy to do it that way - sorry. Just my opinion, no need to be like that.
Y tho? Mob rule?
it was meant to be a joke. i originally said 'also don't forget to remove the text in posts'
I don't wanna say that you sound super defensive but tbh you sound way too defensive over an animated picture I can't say that people who put in APNGs are exploitative or whatever because I did it too but I mean it also wasn't a huge deal for me to change it lol. You're really turning this into a sort of "me vs. them" deal
it said 'should not be animated' and had gifis disabled. you found a way to get around it by using some wonky file format. does this really require further explanation lol.
Hey just be glad you were able to have a cool little exclusive thing for a while.
Looking forward to the artwork
If you can, I think the simplest solution would be to just use the first frame in the animation (like browsers that don't support APNGs).
if you're taking requests can i get a mspaint spider-man themed goatse that lines up so that my avatar is the anus thanks
i think youre wildly overestimating my mspaint skills or the level of effort ill be putting into these lol. maybe we'll just get all the mods to draw shit replacements. i have dibs on voltage's tho at least (and again this is all under the assumption we'll be able to AND allowed to)
I'm up for whatever happens as long as there's something there that I'm not responsible for, because unless animated backgrounds make a real, official return, I'm currently completely out of ideas for actual good shit to do and just being blank is boring
Time to pull out my ball mouse for this MS paint glory.
I feel like you would need to have tools like that for people who put wildly inappropriate stuff as backgrounds or avatars
the solution is banning people who do that
Only really effective if they are changed when banned like oldpunch
holy shit your av-bg combo is primo
some of the animated backgrounds are cool, it'd be a shame to see them go
To me at least it sounds like animated PNGs should be allowed but restricted in terms of size, and put behind a higher pay-wall. Based on everyone' responses then. Keep avatars, and that whole system as well.
Imo just pool it, are you ok with animated backgrounds? Yes/no. The only reasons I've seen against animated backgrounds is people find them too distracting. If yes, then the only sensible option is implement a file size limit, and done
A poll won't really matter when it's garry who's got the final say
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1220/7aa18a00-e45c-46d8-9dc6-82184acf33e2/backgroundstatic.png Hi, sorry about the animated background (it's too big!) I know it might be a bit much to ask to just replace it with this when you do decide to do it. I'm not really using my coins for anything but giving them to folks without backgrounds, so I'd greatly appreciate it if you used this image instead of an ironic mspaint picture/goatse so I can have more coins to hand out
If you guys want to draw I shitty version of mine if they get discontinued, I'd be down.
There already is a filesize limit. It was added in the latest update 5, 256kb. So the question now I guess is just if garry will/can really be bothered combing through existing backgrounds and removing those that go over the filesize limit or are animated, and if he'll reallow apng's now that said limit is in place
I assume that if he takes a big enough issue with it, he'll implement mod tools for removing backgrounds (because this is probably a good idea to have anyway), give them a heads-up, and have APNG removal knocked out like 30 minutes afterwards, tops. As far as I know with my limited knowledge, that seems like the easiest, least out-of-the-way path. Taking care of each individual APNG one-by-one seems really inefficient.
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