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@HappyHead I'll never give you any coins :smiling_imp:
@Darksoul you asked me to pm ya
@MightyDutxch No I just told you where this section was you silly goose.
No u xd
@Erfly give me all of your coin this is aa robbery 🔫
@everyone hey does this work
@spenver @Rocko's is this cheating/gameban? Steam Community < the id https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJd97YMJdEQ
@Exooodus hi
@turke wuddup
@rustrabbit couldn't bring myself to care, forwarded to anti-cheater team
@Phygon Nice new avatar/background combo.
@ss013r Thanks, I grew it myself
@Darksoul imgkk image list gets fucky on 1440p with 125% DPI scaling
@Inacio i finally managed to fix my background due to your free diamond thanks cutie
@Portugalotaku jose memes time?
@Hell-met can I add you on steam I need someone to circlejerk TF2 balance discussion with
@Inacio stop stealing all my coins already
@Missy Q Is that you, Golden?
@Annoyed Grunt Dork
@Reagy https://playdeadmatter.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2018_03/loss.png.cd5820f23620f4ce2831da3a92d972d0.png I can't fucking believe you've done this. I thought I was going insane and seeing Loss in places it wasn't until I saw the user/filename.
Best camo in that competition right?
@Portugalotaku I showed you my dick, now answer me!
@Inacio read your oldpunch pms already.
@Burre.png Hey corn boy give me the corn coin
@Samson bam
@Burre.png HOYL FUCK ITS WORKING ^_^ im crying. we are gonna be rich. oh fuck oh fuck
Hey! Why are you looking at MY private messages, you cheeky bastard! Why did you even come here, to look at random people's spicy convos? You should be ashamed. Ashamed, I say!
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