• Update 6
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A few changes here, won't be an update next week because I'm on holiday. Hide subforums on sidebar for now Show subforum's threads in parent forum Fixed "no alerts" padding Alert when your thread is moved Alert when thread closed/opened Fixed reply box padding being different to actual post Fixed nre in rating.vue Link to moderator panel from user profile User Moderator shows ban history User Unbanning User Profile editing Viewer count on forums Added thread view count (not visible anywhere) User Meta basics Fixed 404's not working If anything is weird, try ctrl + f5ing
I was going to say, you can edit other peoples profiles, but apparently it doesn't save so that's good
Wait I can now edit my profile like a post and upload pictures and everything? That's amazing, holy shit
Woah that's a different take on subforums, will be interesting to see how it goes
Is there a way to hide showing the subforum threads in the parent? It's really confusing and completely buries the parent forum's threads.
I think it's so much better than a bunch of predefined lines though just infinite links
https://i.imgur.com/ELIeL9v.png The admin link shows for me, though it just goes to a 404 page
whats the admin on profiles meant to do? i just get a 404
I might be misunderstanding, but doesn't this defeat one of the main purposes of subforums? That being to separate sub-topics into their own forum to ease discussion/discovery? While in the parent forum it's basically just tagged posts: pic
it's in its own name
Um... https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/58120/d859af41-fa06-42d5-919d-85afc2aa6083/image.png I think I'm not supposed to be able to do this...
That would have been amazing if Garry left it like that and went away for a week
Uhhhh unban throws server error 😂
A cross between visitor messages and a public bathroom stall
That profile info thing is actually really cool, will be interesting to see what people do with it.
Having a public sandbox feature on your profile (a la Profile Visitor Messages) would open a very interesting can of worms. Hasn't been mentioned here yet, but glad to see Winner and Dumb make a comeback in the ratings!
oh i'm gonna have a lot of fun with this profile editing
I am not sure if it was meant to be that big... but I was able to put script of The Room on my profile Nicolas
A moment of silence for our fallen moustached brother.... https://emojipedia-us.s3.amazonaws.com/thumbs/120/microsoft/106/man_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-1-2_1f468-1f3fb_1f3fb.png May he rest in peace 🌺
Launching my Dumb icon petition campaign #openthebox
@garry could we get the links to user's threads and posts in the profile sidebar back? Clicking on the post and thread number to link to https://forum.facepunch.com/search/user/cwuj/?type=Reply https://forum.facepunch.com/search/user/cwuj/?type=Thread was pretty useful.
*insert name* woz ere
There's no noticable limit so I'm just going to turn my profile page into a fucking mess thank you so much garry you've saved my life
gonna have to play with this for a bit, love this idea and im looking forward to seeing creative profile pages
Just pushed another update, should add those search links and remove the edit link on profiles you can't edit
Its going to be like myspace all over again, i cant wait! Should be useful for posting hotlinks to servers and other social things.
Edit link still shows on other users profiles, also Moderator link as well. Servers being a bit slow maybe?
Another avenue for reagy to express herself with lush anime women
Odd decision to implement thread view count and not make them visible?
I dunno if it's useful to people. Something I was thinking, technically we should show a list of people that viewed each thread - because all that information is stored in the "read threads" stuff. I doubt people would like that though, and there'd be a lot of shaming when you see that I read the shemale thread in shinfist every day for 7 minutes. Also FYI, forum categories aren't so useless anymore: Facepunch Category
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