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Because FP will effectively turn into Reddit where only a few threads are consistently at the front page, while the rest are left to rot drowned in the noise.
I think your missing the point. What if a subforum doesn't exist for the content I want to see, like D&D or Total War Arena? These aren't played by millions of people, so they don't get posts every day, but I'm still interested. Now that megathreads are gone, do I have to make a new thread just to post a tiny bit about D&D , where it will most likely get 1 reply and then die?
Because the model of "make a new thread for every question or topic you have" is embodied the most by Reddit, as well as a highly fragmented userbase with no real sense of community.
That model is called a "forum"
That was a huge issue in pixelpunch I mean I hate the section system, but it's still not as horrendously shit as reddit, at least
Yes, but the community prefers the megathreads. Why force change?
Every forum I've been on in the last decade has had some variant of long running general topic chitchat threads.
I remember when people treated OPs as a work of art and not just hubs of information about a chatroom channel. I miss Azu.
If you want that kind of forum you need to have some sort of system that filters in "hot posts" and just remove sections all together and let people subscribe to the tags they want to see. I don't want to browse through entire pages of bullshit posts i'm not interested in, but I won't mind maybe 1 or 2 popping up that has a lot of activity and a lot of different viewpoints.
I haven't banned megathreads. There are plenty of megathreads still on the forums. I'm telling mods to stop banning people for creating new threads instead of posting in megathreads.
Then why are we arguing? I was under the impression they were prohibited. Is this all one big misunderstanding?
Hezzy told us he's breaking up megathreads. We're getting mixed messages, which is causing the confusion. Obviously we should listen to you, but until now we've been under the impression that megatreads are banned.
Forums are the proto-chatroom they've literally always been chatrooms before chatrooms like discord and skype for a thing
That's up to Hezzy, if he thinks that's the way to go then fine. I'm not forcing behaviour, I'm trying to make it more attractive to make new threads instead.
Wasn't Hezzy closing lots of threads in the Automotive subforum for being "generals" when they were making threads for individual car manufacturers? Do you approve of this personally? A clear idea of what the current policy for what is and is not okay for threads would be helpful.
why is there no communication before either of you just act on contradictory ideas and you ban people for doing the thing that hezzy said to do while hezzy tries to break up megathreads for no good reason?
I don't think hezzy told anybody to spam the forums.
Wouldn't it make a much healthier ecosystem to encourage creating more threads, but actually let people post as they want instead of banning people for not following a very strict but poorly defined structure?
I'm shocked to see mods coming into threads hezzy blanketed with that copy paste last night and ask what he was thinking, really shows how much thought was put into it especially when he reconsidered on half of them. Glad the sexuality section got a snide comment in its header too, for some reason?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/213440/875a8ca0-e966-4fbf-9962-c87145669d46/image.png No, you just don't think. At all.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109906/96d0fc9f-a0af-47f3-b0f9-e91371c6508e/image.png Followed that suggestion to a tee I see.
I cannot wait for the day crowd-funded bans get implemented.
Except Mort Strodle did get banned exactly for following that suggestion to tee, so you're 'counterpoint' is moot.
I'm sorry, this is much more reasonable https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/109906/755b8577-97a0-4d7e-885e-1423938eed5e/image.png
Yes, because Hezzy explicitly said it was ok!
They weren't made to kickstart any discussion, they were made with low effort and spammed in attempt to prove a point.
Then this is a communication issue And it's still a problem that smaller, more numerous threads from subforums will bury larger threads. I don't care much about drugs, fitness, cars and most of the meta threads but they're mixed in with the threads I am interested in. I don't care much about TF2, PUBG etc but small irrelevant threads from there will be covering up legit threads from games thingy.
thanks for conveniently ignoring the medic and spy threads and missing my point you disingenuous dishonest selectively-blind cognitively-dissonant person. Those class threads are literally what hezzy said to do. I don't know what point you think you're doing a good job of making, but whatever it is you have failed to make it and it is probably wrong anyway.
There's a difference between what Hezzy said and what was created. It's fine to create a thread about something you want to discuss. It's not so great to create a thread to host a discussion you're not interested in, and just to be the one that created the thread. It's especially not so great if your motivation to create those threads is to make a point about how spammy it is when someone follows your advise to the letter.
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