• Banned from discord over 2 months ago.
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Hello, I was banned about 2 months ago from the facepunch discord. I was wondering if there was a chance of an unban at any time and im still wondering till this day why I was banned in the first place...
Not sure if General Discussion is the best place for ban appeals..
It's in Meta. There's really nowhere else to put them. Discord is currently used for ban appeals but if you're banned from Discord...
Well the thing is, that I seriously dont know... I think it was over a dispute over s&box but thats all I know. I tried to contact facepunch staff at the time but had no joy. I was banned from the s&box server first and then 2 days later randomly banned from facepunches server after posting a model I was making. Thats all I know from my end but this involves layla.
Did you by chance mention him
I dont particularly remember. I know I made a comment on a completely unrelated server talking about how the sandbox devs where banning people for no particular reason but again, I never mentioned his name and it was on a completely unrelated server quite some time ago. He posted on S&box a screenshot of my comment and then banned me form s&box server which I dont really care about tbh but then I post a wip thing on facepunch's gmod channel and then I get banned 2 days after I posted this thing. I think it was a door or something. I know it was a model of some sort.
If you were banned from the Discord, there was probably a good reason. We don't hand Discord bans out for nothing.
Personally I think it was out of spite and was not a good reason at all, being banned after 2 days of nothing isnt a very solid argument for a ban especially when this is completely unrelated to that server. I dont think its fair that a bunch of people, not just me got banned over this thing that was going on. I would like to know a specific reason at least for the ban as I think its just unjustified and out of anger.
I doubt it is this big conspiracy that you're making it sound like. If you were banned, it was likely for a good reason. Also you claim it's a bunch of people who got banned for this "thing". What thing? We have no clue what you're talking about.
You're not banned on the S&box server, at least the official one. If it was from the unofficial one it's neither our problem nor something we can sort out. We'll get back to you about the FP server ban; Discord's default mod and auditing tools are dogshit. That's a bit presumptive.
The kid who ran the unofficial s&box fan discord went ballistic and banned a bunch of people and spread a bunch of bullshit about the situation to try and get other kids to raid the official one out of spite for layla. It's possible he was either banned from the unofficial one while under the (lasting) impression that it was the official server, or participated in the latter scenario which got him banned from the official one. Either way none of that mess had anything to do with the official Facepunch discord in any way.
That's implying it's the same mess. Users banned from the FP Discord permanently usually are banned for a good reason, and we're not about to assume this if he can't give a specific reason.
I'm assuming that's what he's talking about considering the timeframe he gave and the mention of layla. By extension he could have been banned from the FP discord for pinging layla to complain.
We can assume, but he's going to need to tell us and be detailed.
Weird. I was definitely banned from the official sandbox discord at the time but it seems that may have been removed. So here is a detailed description of what went on. There was controversy of how layla at the time was getting mad at the discord owner, so layla decided to make a new discord that was official. I joined the discord server when it first started and was just talking about normal stuff like how was development going and stuff. Then it started getting out of hand with the other server. Jordan, the owner of the community ran discord started saying stuff about layla, such as ``well layla is a loose cannon`` and stuff like that. The thing is is jordan was banned from facepunch and stuff. Jordan started posting stuff on another server called Source Engine which is ran by TopHattWaffle. The thing is, I posted a message that was stating that there was a lot of controversy right now and I didnt agree with any of it and I tried to explain my view to justify both sides and did not mention any names during this message. People agreed with me and I dont think layla liked it but its kinda understandable seems as game development can be a stressful thing and stuff, layla takes this message to heart and bans people associated with jordan from the official s&box discord and I was apparently included in this. I was fine with being banned for a while off of the S&box discord as I never really posted much on there anyways as just answers to questions I posted but then 2 days later after being banned from S&box's official discord i get randomly banned off of Facepunch discord for no apparent reason. I never got any answer at all to why I was banned 2 days later. The only thing I did on facepunch's discord before this was post about a model I was making for a map that I had in the works. This is all I know of what happend.
I had a look at the ban reason on Discord and there wasn't one, so I've removed the ban.
Thank you Hezzy. Much appreciated!
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