• Moving Cute stuff from LMAO Pics to a new thread?
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Since one of the general ideas behind the new forum is to not be afraid of creating new threads, this move makes sense to me; does it make sense to you? I also think it's gotten worse in the last 6 months: originally people posted stuff that managed to be both cute and funny, now it's just cute stuff
I think the cute stuff has always gone hand in hand with the funny stuff, you know, general pics to bring your spirits up. If we separate them, then I think most people won't bother checking the cute stuff thread, and there's a good chance it'll keep getting posted in the funny thread anyway since other websites usually host and spread both at the same time.
That's exactly why I choose lmao pics over other sites, it used to be just lmao pics not lmao and some other stuff pics like other places have. I say execute the move!
Just make a new thread, if it works then it works
We have had Wholesome Pictures Thread for 6 days now.
It's still in the rules not to post pet pictures/videos that aren't funny, I haven't seen anyone banned for it in ages though.
6 days old and it's not even 1 page and a half long? There's your answer, OP. You can see how well it turned out.
facepunch just doesn't have enough content of that sort generated to sustain such a thread. Wholesome Pictures is good enough.
Part of the issue is facepunch's resistance to change
What if it was broadened in scope to also include neat pictures and other similar stuff? I noticed that people also sometimes post "cool" stuff in LMAO in addition to the cute pictures.
Isn't that what auxiliary pics is for?
Yeah, I know, that's why I created a thread in Meta, so that people can see that this kind of thinking exists, and so that mods consider keeping that "only funny stuff" rule enforced
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