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Of any of the sections I've found Polidicks to be the least affected. I kind of agree regarding the Discord though. There very much does seem to be an outgroup there. I disagree honestly, I've seen far more people recognize Grenadiac's nuanced approach to things than people bashing him for being "just another right-winger". I think he is just the exception rather than the rule; nearly every other conservative either supports or is ambivalent towards Trump. That's just the nature of the beast. Not everything you post is going to be well received. If I see several people responding to someone then I usually just move on since I see no reason repeating myself. Not every thread needs my take on things, especially when people are doing a better job of making my argument. For what it's worth, none of your recent polidicks posts seemed to have riled anyone up. The point of debate is to win the audience It's why I'll argue with people like Boilrig or Jordax who occupy that grey area between troll and right-wing provocateur. I'm obviously never going to convince them they are wrong but challenging their falsehoods in the public square might convince other people to at least see why their arguments aren't very good. The largest post he has made in the past two weeks was two and a half paragraphs long. His recent activity is roughly equal to yours. If you disagree with his arguments then feel free to reply. Call him out when he baselessly attacks other posters. Chatting shit in Forum Discussion doesn't help anyone.
I used to do that but anymore I just find it too exhausting for something that has no visible results. The point of debate is to win the audience As for this bit, I don't necessarily disagree. It's just not necessarily what I'm here for either. I'm here to talk with people and discuss things and not necessarily convince people to change their views. I can very easily have a productive discussion with Grenadiac, ilikecorn, yourself, or even joeyskylynx even if the discussion doesn't serve to convince anyone to change their views. It can still be insightful and enjoyable nonetheless. With people like Boilrig or Sgman (though admittedly there are occasions he makes decent posts still, they're just usually drowned out in the same thread by the shitty ones) though that's just not possible and tends to just infuriate me instead because they're so overly incapable of effective discussion.
Did you see BFG's opening post. I can't possibly fathom going through that thread and deciding that the people replying to him are unilaterally seeking to belittle and pillory. Is it literally just because it's one person replying to many? I don't get it. I agree with the "Don't argue with x" posts. They are typically 100% correct, but time and space doesn't need to be wasted pointing it out. If you aren't interested in responding to an argument then just move on, or rate people you agree with. The vitriol aimed at capital R Republicans is pretty well earned and, again, I feel like you would be better served explaining why those posts are wrong than just whining about them. Completely disagree with the "no Trump dump" week. That is an absurdly long amount of time in terms of world politics to just not have discussions or news postings about the President of the United States. Just stop browsing Polidicks if it bugs you so much. The forums were split with the intention of reducing the amount of Trump news in SH. A) Because he posts really disagreeable things and instead of someone like Tudd who just has his arguments countered and then dips to post a thread about how silly transgender people are he takes the time to respond to pretty much every post aimed at him. B) That's hyperbole ,but even still it's discussion. Like I said before, if I see that happening I just don't reply and throw agrees at people who are making my arguments for me. No offense but it just seems like you really don't want to read Polidicks so have you tried just not?
Maybe I just interpret these posts wrong, but I'm reading them as largely targeting Republican voters (as well) at least. A) That was just a statement of fact - it's one of the two ways these threads usually go. B) A little hyperbole maybe, but that's how I see it basically. Yeah well mate I'm sitting here explaining why I don't really anymore. I have 21000 posts, half (or more) of them are probably in SH and later Polidicks. You can say that nothing's changed, but I'm here telling you that that section has gotten a lot less interesting - at least for me. It's hard to pinpoint why, but I tried to give what I see as the reasons for it. I don't really know how you read my post as saying that to be honest. Personally I think PD has just gotten more partisan - either you have fever-pitched liberal leaning posts or you go into Boilrig territory. It makes me post less (and I used to post a lot), and I'm sure there are at least a couple of others who feel the same. I'm not a right-leaning person by any stretch of the imagination, by the by, and I don't care about users getting dogpiled for shitty opinions.
There should be a negative coin rating. When a post is so bad that you can take away a coin from a user. However, it costs you 5 coins to rate someone -1 coin
But then garry could create the Great Facepunch Coin Depression with his massive stockpile of coins
The real venom is saved for officials but, yes, you do see posts venting their frustrations on voters, and it's not hard to see why. I think it's obvious that the Trump presidency has had an unbalancing affect on the fabric of Polidicks discussion. It's okay if you think it's less interesting. I just really disagree with making it a rule that you can't post Trump stories one week out of a month because you personally don't find it interesting. I'm not interested in 90% of the boards on FP, so I just don't click them. That was more a general statement than something aimed at you. I probably should have quoted Cigarettes before making the point. It's just a bit annoying that a rightwinger can come into a thread, call everyone a retard, then get defended from a dogpile when people like proboardslol deal with that shit in every thread about progressive politics, or BDA deals with that shit when he isn't even participating in the thread. There are very few people who I would consider SH/Polidicks regulars who have never, ever ceded an argument or a point. sgman is just one of them.
Grendiac seems to be doing fine having conversations about issues, and he's a right wing poster I have nothing but respect for. FP certainly changed. But so did you. You changed a lot and you haven't realized it.
It's kind of a shame that Trump's managed to turn some of these people insane. What will they do after trump's term is over? Will they just think "well, trump sure sucked"? Every single time there's an article mentioning trump I see the classics there, which is a shame, because I used to think they were great, but now they just post the same thing every time a trump article's posted, usually calling him a stupid dumb dumb with an epic zinger (as if the president of the USA would fucking care) and it's really sad. I'm surprised that newstory of the dude that delivered in Chick-fil-a with a trump shirt didn't get some epic-zingers yet.
Why does people being mad about reasonable things make you think they're insane?
Just because some people aren't blinded by a cult of personality doesn't mean they're insane. Choose your adjectives better please?
Insane is a strong word I'll admit. But it's interesting you've noted the cult, because it's true, there is a cult of personality around trump, which is disgusting. The thing about it is that, whenever a circlejerk pop ups, an anti-circlejerk pops up. I'm not saying that being anti-trump is bad, of course it isn't, Trump's a terrible president, possibly the worst in US history, and it's been enough time that clearly the only people that care to support him are far too jaded to ever see the man for what he truly is: an opportunistic know nothing traitor. Then, if that is the case, why is it that every single newsstory related to trump has the same users commenting the same things ad nauseum? I mean, I don't think anyone in facepunch actually supports trumps (at least not anymore) and even the few right-wing people in facepunch also dislike him. I just don't understand the point of calling trump these stupid nicknames and have some 20 epic zingers, so much so that I'm more offended than him by it because it's just embarassing. When this happened with Obama it was stupid and wrong but with trump it's somehow acceptable. Obviously Obama's a million times better than Trump can ever dream to be, but it's only purpose is to foment flaming and more and more aggression between both sides. There used to be a time where you could, you know, discuss politics without having to throw 50 different insults. I mean politics has always been a touchy subject, true, but it's gotten fucking absurd. Ultimately you could say it's my fault for visiting news stories with trump (although there are many times where a news story seemingly has nothing to do with him and people shoe horn him in). People are free to call trump a stupid orange baby man or whatever, but man it's kinda sad to see some users here just reduced to posting about that. It's like their lives orbit around trump and his every move. I dislike trump. Therefore, I usually avoid news with him, unless it's something more important (like Helsinki or the progress of the investigation). These users however just seem to go to every single trump news there is to talk about how they dislike him. It's become a fucking echo chamber. All I want is to be able to open a polidicks thread and not have facebook-tier level immature comment. Now, seeing as I'm not a moderator of this forum or, hell, anyone of relevance, and I'm not the center of the universe, I'm not expecting anything to change. I just lament how there were users whose posts I liked and valued that now mostly hang around Polidicks making snide remarks agaisnt someone who will never read them, which means that the only people reading them are left-wing people who already agree with him (since anyone who actually supports trump here will probably either not go there if they know the forums or be turned off if they're new). I know, I know, "wow you're a fucking baby". It's just an opinion. A wrong one perhaps, and at the end of the day I was wrong to call the users downright insane, I didn't really think of the weight of the word. But I do think they're focusing a bit too much on trump, and some time away from the news would help. Lastly, I'm sorry. I'm probably not mature enough for this. I've only been on this god forsaken earth for 18 years.
It's a polarizing topic. Sadly not in a way that's not just "ketchup or mustard?" Its quite literally a good versus evil issue with people legitimately defending the evil side.
IIRC, BDA has health issues which will be made much worse with Trump's assault on health care. Trump is going to directly possibly ruin his entire life, all because BDA had the audacity to not be rich. BDA has to live in fucking fear of this man, I feel nothing but sympathy for him and I don't blame him for the way he feels.
Some people seem to forget politics actually affects things and leads to people being reasonably pissed off.
I'm honestly part of the problem here but I do agree. Once people get to a point where they give up on politics it does kind of make it harder for everyone else. And it'll catch up on everyone before its too late. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not in the states. This is way easier said than done but if I lived there I would be putting in an effort to leave. I know leaving your family and friends behind would suck as well and not everyone is in the situation to do it, but to whoever is, I'd love to see more North Americans here in Australia!
You can't go routinely making an ass of yourself and then whine about how other people have changed and how other people are being meanies. ESPECIALLY not with your way of posting, it's probably for the better that you've gone to lurking.
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Just set this 1x1 transparent pixel as your avatar: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/490/6a8bad97-0b78-4460-934a-6c7ef28d4c94/blank.png I mean, if you can fucking find it, that is
Counterpoint to people saying that FP hasn't changed. Go look at the Chick-Fil-A thread in SH
[Opinion, The New Yorker] Former CIA Operative's Theory of Trump.. Why was this thead closed yet the Politiscales thread gets to stay open? I'm pretty sure the rules of opinion pieces were removed, and this one is even clearly declared as an opinion piece.
Personally as long as it's clearly labeled an opinion piece and isn't conspiracy theory tier garbage it feels like it should be allowed under these new rules.
if anything else, and opinion isn't really news Not to say they shouldn't be discussed, but if you were to use a different forum for it outside of news ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
whole damn site leans so far to the left i thought maybe it'd had a stroke
To me it feels like it shifted back right a bit after BDA was demodded and the rules were removed. Make of that what you will.
I don't get it. Is it the trump shitposts? That sucks, but I think that's Internetwide.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185499/ec227a31-d2b8-4ee7-a6a3-ce80ff646e31/3546666.JPG facepunch has started predicting when i will be browsing the forums and i feel quite attacked
Going to the last page of a locked thread just brings me to the first page. Does it do this for anyone else?
The rule was not removed. As per the sticky opinion pieces are still not allowed and as of now the sticky still remains in effect, you just won't be banned for it.
I think discussion threads in Polidicks are a good thing.
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