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There should be a negative coin rating. When a post is so bad that you can take away a coin from a user. However, it costs you 5 coins to rate someone -1 coin
But then garry could create the Great Facepunch Coin Depression with his massive stockpile of coins
The real venom is saved for officials but, yes, you do see posts venting their frustrations on voters, and it's not hard to see why. I think it's obvious that the Trump presidency has had an unbalancing affect on the fabric of Polidicks discussion. It's okay if you think it's less interesting. I just really disagree with making it a rule that you can't post Trump stories one week out of a month because you personally don't find it interesting. I'm not interested in 90% of the boards on FP, so I just don't click them. That was more a general statement than something aimed at you. I probably should have quoted Cigarettes before making the point. It's just a bit annoying that a rightwinger can come into a thread, call everyone a retard, then get defended from a dogpile when people like proboardslol deal with that shit in every thread about progressive politics, or BDA deals with that shit when he isn't even participating in the thread. There are very few people who I would consider SH/Polidicks regulars who have never, ever ceded an argument or a point. sgman is just one of them.
Grendiac seems to be doing fine having conversations about issues, and he's a right wing poster I have nothing but respect for. FP certainly changed. But so did you. You changed a lot and you haven't realized it.
Why does people being mad about reasonable things make you think they're insane?
Just because some people aren't blinded by a cult of personality doesn't mean they're insane. Choose your adjectives better please?
It's a polarizing topic. Sadly not in a way that's not just "ketchup or mustard?" Its quite literally a good versus evil issue with people legitimately defending the evil side.
IIRC, BDA has health issues which will be made much worse with Trump's assault on health care. Trump is going to directly possibly ruin his entire life, all because BDA had the audacity to not be rich. BDA has to live in fucking fear of this man, I feel nothing but sympathy for him and I don't blame him for the way he feels.
Some people seem to forget politics actually affects things and leads to people being reasonably pissed off.
I'm honestly part of the problem here but I do agree. Once people get to a point where they give up on politics it does kind of make it harder for everyone else. And it'll catch up on everyone before its too late. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not in the states. This is way easier said than done but if I lived there I would be putting in an effort to leave. I know leaving your family and friends behind would suck as well and not everyone is in the situation to do it, but to whoever is, I'd love to see more North Americans here in Australia!
You can't go routinely making an ass of yourself and then whine about how other people have changed and how other people are being meanies. ESPECIALLY not with your way of posting, it's probably for the better that you've gone to lurking.
. 1x1 transparent avatar
Just set this 1x1 transparent pixel as your avatar: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/490/6a8bad97-0b78-4460-934a-6c7ef28d4c94/blank.png I mean, if you can fucking find it, that is
Counterpoint to people saying that FP hasn't changed. Go look at the Chick-Fil-A thread in SH
[Opinion, The New Yorker] Former CIA Operative's Theory of Trump.. Why was this thead closed yet the Politiscales thread gets to stay open? I'm pretty sure the rules of opinion pieces were removed, and this one is even clearly declared as an opinion piece.
Personally as long as it's clearly labeled an opinion piece and isn't conspiracy theory tier garbage it feels like it should be allowed under these new rules.
if anything else, and opinion isn't really news Not to say they shouldn't be discussed, but if you were to use a different forum for it outside of news ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
whole damn site leans so far to the left i thought maybe it'd had a stroke
To me it feels like it shifted back right a bit after BDA was demodded and the rules were removed. Make of that what you will.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/185499/ec227a31-d2b8-4ee7-a6a3-ce80ff646e31/3546666.JPG facepunch has started predicting when i will be browsing the forums and i feel quite attacked
Going to the last page of a locked thread just brings me to the first page. Does it do this for anyone else?
The rule was not removed. As per the sticky opinion pieces are still not allowed and as of now the sticky still remains in effect, you just won't be banned for it.
I think discussion threads in Polidicks are a good thing.
why is this guy seemingly littered with ghost diamonds? https://i.imgur.com/piSSh9m.png https://i.imgur.com/l5LnF1R.png
Haha who even is that guy imagine doing that how much of a moron would you have to be lmao
Lies. I demand the knowledge to this money making scheme now!
One person made a shitpost then instead of people dumbing and moving on people kept replying to it and driving the thread further and further off topic. hardly a sign of change. e. Because the politiscales thread is just kind of a discussion. Obviously it has opinions in it but it's not the same as posting an opinion piece. I've read a lot of fantastic editorials and analysis from both sides of the political fence but I tend to disagree with this. I feel like allowing opinion posts would lead to a lot of confusion and threaten to push out real news.
I think this is a bug linked to pages, it happens in active threads too. If you wanted to compile a list of posts you want to delete I'd be happy to oblige on Thursday, so long as the list isn't more than 100.
Is this offer available for other users? Also is the deleting process a manual thing, going through and deleting each post individually or can you like select a range, e.g. remove everything before 2017 or something?
OP seems mighty familiar...
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