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I figure it was necessary to remake the thread as the previous one reached the post limit. We need a forum discussion thread both to have a place to discuss general forum things, and to keep this general discussion out of other threads. If any moderator wants to put anything in the OP, feel free to edit it yourself (if that's possible on the new forum) or mention me @Paul-Simon This is effectively an extension of the last thread. The same rule still apply! For the sake of convenience, I've copied the rules from Hezzy's last iteration of the thread. Ground Rules and Housekeeping (By Hezzy) Be civil and constructive in your feedback. It's an internet forum, let's all at least try to get along. If you feel yourself getting angry, take a few seconds to breathe and think about what you're writing; will it achieve what you desire? Are you coming across as a dickbag? Will anybody take you seriously if you're being a dickbag? I will be updating this post with commonly asked questions. I have added some to begin with based on recent topics If I don't know the answer to your question, or can't tell you straight away (probably most things) I will rate you with "Good Idea" I'm not available 24/7. Don't expect instant answers! If you want a quicker answer I get notifications on my mobile when people message me on Discord. If something becomes a recurrent theme, I will ask you to create a separate thread for discussion of it in depth. Megathreads are really shit for discussions on multiple topics at once. I can be reached through Discord most of the time.
If I don't know the answer to your question, or can't tell you straight away (probably most things) I will rate you with "Good Idea" Well that's random. Wouldn't informative be better? I mean idk why I'm picking on a rating but honestly I'm still kinda confused by the new ratings. Sometimes I use Good Idea but I find it's usually replaceable by either "Winner", "Agree" or "Coin/Diamond". Useful was far more Useful haha
Why do we need a thread for discussions? Why not make a thread for any questions or topics you may have?
because we don't need a new thread for every off the cuff question any old user might have
inb4 locked and that's exactly the point of the new forums
I just noticed that discussion of random things were bleeding into the unrelated official threads, i.e. the "new rules" thread.
Because those types of things don't work in facepunch and were made for other types of communities with far more users and activity (and overall a different mindset). Case in point, a thread discussing ratings pretty much turned into the forum discussion thread. This format does not work.
Still getting the bug if someone deletes their account, makes ghost pages in threads, getting annoying.
I find this to be so weird because just how many fucking people are deleting their accounts for this to happen? Sounds fishy to me, there's probably something else, but I don't know why they wouldn't say what it is.
Well it's both when people delete their accounts, and when mods nuke spam accounts that may have posted in random threads.
When searching, you used to be able to filter to just replies or threads, one more I can't remember. Why was this removed?
Don't forget that some of the users who have deleted their accounts had rather large postcounts. Ballads and Kiwi in particular come to mind there.
Is it something I am missing, or are bans still being given out "strangely". Like here is the latest example I saw. This guy gets banned: Incels | Contrapoints However, this guy doesn't get any ban: Incels | Contrapoints It's also weird if you look at the reason given, the guy was banned for "Dumb". I'd guess that this means he was banned for shitposting ("Dumb" could have meant dumb post). But that doesn't make sense, because shitposting isn't bannable. Maybe they could have been banned for flaming? He did say "you dumb" to someone, but that raises other issues.
It's legitimately happened in every single thread I've been in. Whenever it happens I just post something to try and fix it cause if I dont want to go to a thread with ghost page issue, surely nobody else does, and this issue is effecting everyone
The only place I see ghost pages in is STGYM in fast threads.
The thing is that "lolshitpost" isn't supposed to be something you get a ban for. And if shitposting is being banned now, isn't the other post shitposting as well. Another thing I noticed: other than saying "You dumb" to two people, the banned post also told them to log off. Which is a "stop posting" type of remark. It wouldn't make sense if the person was banned for that. I very sure that Hezzy has said telling people to stop posting (or similar) is fine.
ASIC, there are way too many assumptions you can make for you to get to bottom of this one. Trust me. Telling people "you dumb" and telling them to log off is pretty unacceptable, I mean we didn't toss commonsense in the river did we??? No need for a rule for that one. I don't know who ferrus is or what game he likes to play, esp with that insensitive shitpost. Their post history was OK, so just left it be until he makes another reply (apologize or double down?) The report is untouched for other mods to weigh in, maybe be patient idk? mods are not obligated to ban every post they see.
Yeah it makes sense but even new threads where they never posted still have this bug. It's probably spam bots.
It is always because of posts being removed in some way or another, just so that's clear.
Idk why Ferrus isn't banned, if someone responded to a video of a black person with "why is that monkey wearing makeup" they'd be banned
I had said I was guessing at what "Dumb" meant as a ban reason. I had to guess because the ban reason was vague. I can't remember what I was thinking about in regards to flaming, so I'll probably tell you later. However in regards to stuff like telling someone to log off, I think hezzy okayed it: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238427/f56717c9-9a7d-4122-aa51-cfb400a167cc/111.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238427/f7f2b720-fcc7-4ecb-8965-111f94ae46a1/2.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/238427/023d629a-ab6b-40f7-b442-2f8f455c10f1/3.png I don't have anything to say about the other stuff you mentioned.
This was probably answered before, but what happens if the OP of a thread deletes his account? Does the thread disappear as well?
I think the first post just disappears, and that whoever posts next appears to be the new OP vv
entire thread lazy quote from @Hezzy , "this was advice from lawyers"
More specifically, I think it was to be compliant with the new EU privacy laws.
the feature exists primary because of the gdpr anyway
I like that facepunch implemented it. It's the right to be forgotten.
i'm not a fan of being able to easily erase evidence of all the past mistakes one's made, honestly it makes it more inviting to just not give a shit about how you portray yourself since you can just delete it all for the most part i'd rather live with the shitty posts and mistakes i've made and learn from them, rather than delete it and try to hide it all away like a coward
It sucks that other peoples posts are getting deleted too just because someone deletes his account. In my personal opinion, its a huge overkill when it comes to GDPR compliance.
GDPR requires you to remove all information about that person that could identify them should they request their right to be forgotten. That means every post they've made, thread they made, message they sent, etc. Probably ratings too, as those would require the forum to keep the users name. Which is considered identifying information. I suppose the other solution is to purge posts and all that, but change the name of the account to something generic and meaningless that can't be considered personally identifying if FP was wanting to keep their ratings for whatever reason. GDPR might feel like massive overkill, but considering the shit we've been seeing with data misuse recently, it's better than the alternatives.
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