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This is a thread for quick questions that you might have; for prolonged discussion around topics or specific issues, please create a thread about it (or post in one if there's one about!) Ground Rules and Housekeeping Be civil and constructive. I will be updating this post with commonly asked questions. I have added some to begin with based on recent topics I'm not available 24/7 and I only access FP from my desktop. Don't expect instant answers! If you want a quicker answer go through our Discord or use Twitter Have a look around the Meta forum to see if there's already a thread on an issue or topic. If it's something quick, ask away in here! For lengthier discussions, please create a thread and @ me Previous thread(s); Forum Discussion // Forum Discussion V. "Where's the Forum Discussion thread" Frequently Asked Questions Custom CSS is broken! // The Rules & Help pages are broken! Our API backend was recently upgraded, as a result this has broken one or two functions on the forums. Garry is aware and is working to fix it. I can't log in with Google! This issue should now be resolved. For all issues surrounding migration or logging in, please see this thread; Migration Issues / My Account Is Broken When are the new rules coming? I am working on a "Forum Guide" which will educate users about proper forum etiquette. I hope to have this completed before 8th October 2018. How many people are visiting the site? We have around 6300 active registered users per day. About 20,000 unique users visit the forums each day. I am unhappy with the direction the website is going in We're more than happy to take people's feedback; I can guarantee you that I read every single post in the threads I make. If there's something that needs changing we'll give it due consideration. That being said, you may need to manage your expectations somewhat. There will be changes, these will sometimes come out of nowhere, other times they will be so gradual you may not even notice them. This is how Facepunch always has been and always will be. Can I join the moderator team? I will be looking for one or two new Moderators over the next month or so. If you're interested, just send me a message on Discord and we'll have a chat!
Do you think Garry might hire a proper web developer, or do you think he'll continue to make changes to the forums himself?
I just only realized there has been fewer active moderators right now because of the FAQ entry. Top of my head, there's only Craptasket, OvB, Unclejimmema, Orkel and code_gs right now. Quite a stark contrast compared to a year ago when those moderator elections happened, along with the batch of new mods thrown in from being active in certain sections. I'm guessing most just had a busier lives now and couldn't really afford time to moderate, but any (non-sensitive) info that can be disclosed regarding some of the former moderators before they stepped down or disappeared?
I hope he will, but he will always continue to develop the forums himself. I'm going to have a chat to him about potentially hiring a dedicated web developer for the forums; if he agrees I would be looking first and foremost to recruit from the community Current active Moderators; Craptasket (Slab Bulkhead) OvB Unclejimmema Postal Orkel code_gs Bradyns GarrettFox icemaz Tlean Nookyava Inactive Moderators (but still have status); Novangel Gurant As for Moderators who recently left, usually it's because they choose to do other things or just lose enthusiasm for it. Or a mixture of the two!
Love the thread title. OP is excellent source of information and questions already answered. This is a step up from before. Thanks babe.
brb disappearing for 3 weeks (not really)
I find the lack of furry representation in the mod community disturbing. I demand Reagy be remodded!
furries go to the secret gulag (new refugee forum never )
Are we going to have shitloads of dead subforums forever or will they be consolidated again?
Craptasket fills the slot
Wrong, he fills the Scaley slot
He can fill my scalie slot
That's a yikes from me dawg
Can we like. Not?
I'd plunge into Craptasket's dark cave and spill blood. Wait, what are we talking about?
We're looking at ways to change how subforums are displayed. I'm thinking they should just appear as filters rather than outright subforums.
I wouldn't need custom css if the mobile version wasn't completely broken. will I be able to use facepunch on my phone again within my lifetime?
Basically this for me
I really enjoyed the moderator elections, even if the last one didn't result in most of them sticking around for that long.
Having them all squashed underneath the main forum on the front page doesn't help. There was a thread a while ago where someone suggested having double or triple columns under the main forums so they're easier to see.
I need an adult https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/301471/bdae0342-053a-4a52-b417-f4170838eae8/6E91D73D-F98A-494B-8C72-914BC5C6766C.png
So, now that custom css works again, do we have any word on if mobile will be fixed soon as well?
This wasn't answered due to the last thread going to shit. What happened to Pascall?
What happened to subforum filtering? The crosses/check marks indicating their status are gone, and so is the save button (which means I can't modify whats filtered or not anymore).
something broke i think i'm not seeing custom CSS and the favicon isn't displaying
Are your custom CSS links dead? That was the case for me.
Can confirm mobile band-aid is working again, and that the favicon is not displaying.
My custom CSS is back! Oh how I missed having a readable font and new/self post color gradient background. Favicon still isn't showing up with a Ctrl+F5 though (no big deal).
Thanks for fixing the CSS, for me the native implementation is a lot faster and cleaner than any third party addon That or the extra loading speed came from another backend change, which is appreciated either way
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