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Last thread went the fuck up in flames new one hasn't been made yet not sure if there's still a point in these but it's always nice to have a place to catalog future changes, assuming garry's waiting till january for "well this is working I'll change it VS. this ain't working I'm shutting it down". Rules are from previous threads but boil down to no "mod sass" (whatever the fuck that may be), and no being a meanie head to garry or hezzy, and the typical FP rules we've all come to love and expect.
I'll secure second post for this and say like 99% of the forum's userbase, I want the place to stay and while there's changes I and others don't like, Facepunch is still at it's heart a good community that should be preserved. Thanks Garry. Tharry.
Are we getting the videos section back?
Literally the only section we want back. Why does creation get to stay but videos goes?
If we are going back on the changes in terms of Subforums and stuff, can we get the old post limit cap back? 35 pages is ludicrously low amount for megathreads.
I didn't know the last thread got closed. I was wondering what had happened to it.
don't ask
Here are the links to the previous threads if anyone needs them: Frequently Asked Questions v2 Frequently Asked Questions Forum Discussion V. "Where's the Forum Discussion thread" Forum Discussion
Garry trashing the forums is one of the worst cases of "I don't understand why you enjoy the things you enjoy" I've ever seen.
The answer to both is probably no.
"You think you want it... but you don't"
+1 on the thread cap. 36 pages is way way too low.
I just hope for the best possible outcome in the forums interest.
i go away for 3 weeks and now they're considering shutting down fp? why?
Because Garry removed a bunch of sections and subforums then got confused when people were annoyed.
because you left for 3 weeks
where are those new rules that were supposed to be written up in like, september? and why aren't the moderators actually moderating and waiting until after things turn into a shitstorm to do the bare minimum (ie in the CT GOP thread)?
The US midterms are coming up. Should we make a "toxx clause thread" so that people can bet on the outcomes? It'd sort of be like last time.
Toxx clause thread but no one is allowed to get banned
No sense losing any more members amirite
We can always throw some rust kiddies on the fire instead. Gotta keep warm during winter.
I miss sponsored spambots and videos and that kind of crap forum sections, would be cool to see them again. Guess only time will tell what's gonna happen next with the forums.
Are you making a joke, or are you saying that toxx clauses wont get you banned anymore?
Has Garry thought about re-introducing a dedicated forum developer like we had in the past? Not saying hand, the forums over completely to someone else, but allow the community to help finish off "newpunch" and continue to maintain the forum. This would allow Garry to focus on other things while still keeping the forums going and hopefully growing into a fruitful community that everyone knows and loves.  
They stopped being enforced shortly before I left iirc
I was thinking this, but didn't want to say it. Sadly we're not at peak where we can just ban people for jokes and not notice a drop in activity.
What happened to the old forums and how do I get my Gold member back despite merging my oldpunch account? How do I internet? Forgive me, I haven't logged on in a couple years and this is the only thing I can get away with to bide my time at work.
You'll be getting gold back soon enough. Otherwise, if for some weird reason you don't get gold back, it's really easy to get gold now.
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