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Oh hey new post brought me to the right page. Good job, Garry!
Seems to be a side effect of Garry fixing word breaks in the new post box. For some odd reason posts have the same CSS classes as the post box so it affects both.
I'm going to assume this might be because garry's password requests are in UTF-8 (unicode), whereas the data in the old database is ISO-8859-1 (Which is why emoji's like worked 20% of the time)
🚑 Wee emojis
Not an exploit but this page; https://wwww.facepunch.com/#aboutus cuts off text on the right and the "Facepunch Studios" button at the top left take your to "https://wwww.facepunch.com" (4 Ws)
I tried to verify my email account and got a "Permission denied - You don't have access to view this page." It is fixed by logging into the forums and then clicking the link. Reproduction Steps: 1) Request to verify account by email 2) Log out of forum 3) click link in email 4) permission denied I expected the link would work even though I wasn't logged in. If you log in and then click the link everything works as normal. This might be intended behavior, but made me very confused. I don't think other websites require you to be logged in to verify an email address.
Don't know if this'd work here but I thought this'd be important for Garry to know. Yesterday I was able to login to my account and post. I come back today, and I seem to require to verify when I already did, and until I did, I couldn't post. Is that a glitch or something?
Don't worry - that's just because verification was added today.
Ah, I see. Well needed, really.
You can upload avatars bigger than 64 x 64 by saving them as a GIF and then editing the size with a hex editor to be 64 x 64 or below (case in point, mine - Firefox shows it as being 300 x 128). Certain browsers, like Firefox, simply ignore the size in the file and will render every pixel that exists until EOF. Doesn't really matter though because the CSS or whatever is scaling all avatars to be the proper size anyway. I suppose one could still upload an enormous (like 10000x10000) avatar that will lag the page and consume a bunch of memory. I know trying to render a GIF of that size slows my browser down to a crawl.
Not sure if this has been said before, but it seems i'm unable to press some buttons on mobile (iOS Safari to be specific). Some of the buttons include clicking on ratings to rate stuff, actually selecting a rating from the ratings menu and submit edit button
It's been mentioned before. They seem to be coin rating events according to the CSS classes. For example this one: lines up with this post I gave a coin about 17-18 minutes ago.
New Forum Comments & Suggestions I posted this image from mobile and it seems like the image embed failed
this has been a thing in oldpunch too it's just that oldpunch didn't scale avatars down
It's not an exploit so much as a bug, I think, but it doesn't fall under feature request either. Anyway, it seems like if I'm logged in on my Surface and then go to my desktop I have to sign in again - and when I do, it signs out the session on my Surface.
I went to make a post and I got a large error message with a 403, though I've been completely unable to replicate it. Not sure exactly why it happened, but I quoted 2 people. The post got made, though (despite the yuge error) and when I went to re-post it just double-posted instead.
Uhm... Is this a feature or a bug?
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