• @mention so people get a notification
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Sorry you were too on the ball, I thought I'd managed to sneak away without anyone noticing my edit
On the flip side there should be an @mod option so that users can easily get a hold of mods when simply reporting something is inadequate.
bitches ya'll have to give me coin for this awesome idea
test, @ me as well please
no notifications for now check the changes tab to see when its implemented
Ah I see, thanks
Also mentions not being shown on user profiles (not stalking garry btw)
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I feel like this should autocomplete on Tab, not only enter
Can you @ mention yourself?
howly @shit
hey sexy lady
SIRIUS am i doing it right?
Hmmm... Didn't get a notification
yea pretty sure notifications aren't implemented quite yet
Cool cool
I have a new invention it's called the 9000
you're a fag
i agree with what said
Do they work in quotes now?
Why would they work in quotes
They are probably specifically rendered as plain text to avoid copious mention notifications, stacked with quote notifications.
Hello you dirty and
It would be convenient to have the user link clickable I reckon
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