• @mention so people get a notification
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Wait a minute now. Should I have gotten a notification or not yet? I'm seeing people post that it's working, but as per the post above I didn't get a notification of my mention.
Yeah they should show up in your alerts, but they might be being marked as read before you can get to them if you view the post first
Smells Me likey me likey a lot.
Oh, hey hey there it is. Good show.
test it on my senpai also waddup bud
Two notifications :thinking:
heres another just because i think you're cute
One for quote. One for mention, my dude.
thanks bb
Someone tag me please.
Time to go register @here and @everyone and get all the notifications
I'll give it to you in case self mentions don't work.
me too!
I got you. I love all of you.
Well now I want to know if they do work or not:
i got you fam
Thank you my american friendo.
I never got a notification from the first time you mentioned me. is still a total faggot.
1v1 me in ricochet
About that eh I owed ya. It's me, ! , from Black Mesa.
Try me plz
try yourself u fuk
Well maybe he doesn't want to.
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