• @mention so people get a notification
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likes to feel needed.
@postal you stupid ass mothafucka
Was just testing something. You can make a post mentioning someone and then after posting it remove the mention and it will still stay in their notifications. Tested it in another thread for myself but I did it for postal a couple up too so he should have a notification. A potential way to confuse people by editing your post after posting. Or a potential way to spam everyone by keeping a list of all users on FP and tagging everyone when posting and then removing right after.
Finally someone merged it across.
I like it when other people talk to me
Testing testing
look what our website can do mum
wha t
you dipshit
hello hello
wtf how r u still alive
oh shit busted
thought this was weird -test- @fart
!remind me in 30 days
, when you tag yourself you don't get a notification cause you already read the post since notifications are marked as read if you view the post
ya got me.
No i said "what the fuck" because i did get a notif
what are you talking about you don't get an otif wtf
At that point it's a glorified link. The @ system is a matter of expediting the process of mentioning someone. Unless you could link offsite using someone's username, then there's a problem.
@i didn't think to try notifying a user that doesn't exist lol @Ryu Gi
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