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Facepunch Awfully White CSS Facepunch Awfully White LESS Bit like oldpunch but 10 times more awful and half done!
Pretty damn close to matching to be honest. Needs some margins on the post reply button though.
Centralized colouring, so you can easily tweak shit SVG post backgrounds Removing even more box-shadow Butt(on) stuff
Turn on github page hosting to master branch (or waste time setting up a proper structure on another branch) then just pop this into your custom css @import url("https://Xoin.github.io/RandomScripts/Facepunch/Awfullywhite.css"); Until then I have this up because I was making sure it worked. Since you can't use github as a CDN if you link to it on the rawfiles cdn (why we use gh-pages @import url("https://scrxtchy.github.io/RandomScripts/Facepunch/Awfullywhite.css");
I mish the tool rating.
Wow my browsing experience has increased 100x since I started using this. I never much liked awfully dark or newnewpunch dark.
Most dark themes remind me of the fun you have when you visit a red background white text website and then switch to a generic news site with white.
Almost feels like home.
cinematic bars, obviously.
Fixed, but you're not going to see it because why the fuck does firefox do shit differently on the background.
Is it possible to put post separators in? It's a bit hard to read.
Added the worst separator the world has ever seen. Its auto generated by less and only works awful in Firefox.
Loads of people use Firefox though. Also the search page is pretty hard to read https://forum.facepunch.com/search/?q=white&forum=11
Well how do you want it to look?
the gradient or the search page?
Search page.
grey on grey is too low contrast the light green and yellow are hard to read too and the green doesn't really fit with the blue thing that the rest of the forum has going
You're using an older version, moved stuff to its own repository that is now shown in the OP. Stuff looks crappy like this now:
Oh fuck I didn't even notice, cheers!
fuckin a if you turn on the fullwidth it's essentially oldpunch thx
Better than having the text overflow.
Not a fan of bright pages which is why I use the Awfully Dark on the old site. I'd like a version of that here where it isn't too dark and not too bright. Just that nice gray colour.
If you have nothing to do...
Can you put the FP logo in the header?
Like on the old forum or something else?
have an option for hasselhoff too
Never forget hoffpunch.
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