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Wasn't the original idea to have a reddit like setup where people could make subforums for certain topics? (Overwatch as an example.) Which would then be filled with all the threads bitching about how you always get stuck with shitty genjus and hanzos.
Maybe add something so when you reply to something you get the option to take the post and place it in a new thread and place your reply in there. You probably need to lock it behind coins and levels to not let it get used for spam shit.
Having a ton of differen't subforums is great and all until a majority of them are borderline dead, though there is probably a good way to consolidate a group of games into a single subforum, for example by publisher (EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Valve, Indie, Nintendo, etc), by genre (FPS, TPS, MMO, etc) or something along those lines. So all the Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and the "retro" games stuff can all go into a Bethesda subforum for Quake, Doom, Wolf, Fallout, Elder Scrolls content. I still think megathreads are mostly the right way to go, but having some subforums dedicated for more popular threads like would be beneficial.
I'll probably just stick to the WAYWO discord if it goes to a topic for every individual project. There's a community behind the WAYWO megathread, the tangents are what make it interesting to read. I doubt many people are going to follow individual threads for projects unless they are life changing or something.
Putting WAYWO aside, posts are generally too short, I just opened up a recent post of mine in incognito mode and realized a picture I spent hours working on was simple cut in half and would likely remain unseen by 80% of the people that view my post. Now I'm forced to cut my story-telling post in Lambda Wars to two separate posts. Fuck that
My only issue with a small OP character limit is that it also kinda discourages posting massive stories, especially photo-driven ones. These two gross caterpillar photo-driven threads i made (20k and 18k characters), these two just text story threads (13k each), and this Yemen conflict Q&A recapping thread (10k) won't fit here. granted threads this big are rare as fuck, and people can always get creative with images or just break up an OP across multiple posts like i've had to do a few times, it'd still be nice to have a bit more space to work with. Maybe 15k limit? Or maybe give just GD a bigger limit? also, if the limit isn't increased, will these threads just get cut-off when migrated?
If people are making them, then people want them. A megathread wouldn't be popular if there weren't people using it (obvious but I had to say it anyway). What if megathreads could graduate into subforums after some number of successful threads with some number of active users?
While this is true, I think it's a symptom of how the forums were managed. We frowned upon low quality threads, and encouraged people keeping tabs of a few threads with read threads. I think there's stuff we can do to encourage people to make new threads. Simple things like making it so people actually see they exist.
I don't think a lot of people want to start new threads. Especially when it comes to niche content I think a lot of people would either be afraid of their post being considered not important enough for it's own thread ("anyone notice how when xy thing happens in ((game)) ab thing happens?), or simply not getting any replies/views- while in a mega-thread they can just post their little thing and if nobody cares, nobody cares.
I think ultimately the content people want to see would become way too separated and difficult to find. The good thing about megathreads is that we keep a consistent conversation but that conversation can change immediately to address the needs of a post not in that chain of conversation, then maybe a brand new conversation comes out of it. If a person has a one off question it would make a ton more sense to just put it in a megathread rather than making a whole thread for a one off question. Ultimately what will happen if there are whole boards dedicated to a certain game or topic is that a majority of that content will just be segregated into its own megathreads. Look at Hardware and Software for example - you have megathreads for every conceivable topic from headphones to Windows and Apple and Linux. The Valve subforum you have TF2 General Chat, HL2 General chat, TF2 media, etc. I feel like this system will just create even more megathreads that are all less active than a single one would be. The above examples only work because they are larger games and even then they only all have a handful of genuinely active threads in the subforum. You can easily make a subforum for something like Bethesda or even Nintendo, but not for the smaller albeit still active threads like Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Destiny, Star Wars, Payday etc.
Yep. And that’s a problem we need to fix.
Did the OP limit change? There's no more percentage but my R6 Siege OP got deleted.
Yep, they increased
How much did they increase? the thread I made was fine one minute then the next it was gone and replaced it with an error message.
It shouldn't replace it with an error message at any point, can you link me?
Rainbow Six Siege
Looking at user preferences as a 'problem' kind of indicates that maybe you should listen to them more.
If people’s preference is to use chat rooms, they should use chat rooms. This is a forum.
Hey garry did you figure out what this error meant in my thread? Bad Input, (16887) too large
Yeah sorry - just fixed it
Can we get a character counter when making threads so we know how close we are to the text limit please?
Nope, it’s doesn’t work like that
alright, figured i'd ask since titles have a character count
:O!!! I wonder if it has anything to do with what I read yesterday in the Rust documentation about the weirdness of strings: https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/second-edition/ch08-02-strings.html#indexing-into-strings Is it because a single "character" to us can actually made up of a few smaller characters to something like JavaScript?
Uploading photo from mobile test
If we move from WAYWO threads to WAYWO subforums it should definitely made clear that people can post anything their working on as I think the current appeal of a WAYWO thread is that those who don't think there post is worthy of it's own thread still post.
A WAYWO subforum would be nice except for when nobody responds to the thing you post and you have new stuff to post under the same project. Like, if I make a post about balloons and nobody replies. Then I make another post showing how these balloons are truly the coolest thing since Toybox. If nobody comments on my thread but me, then it just gets tacked on as an edit and it doesn't bump. And it should definitely bump since it's something that's in progress and updates are bound to happen all the time. I just don't think every WAYWO post deserves its own thread. Some of it is just random bullshit that will never be released but is still neat to look at. At the very least, these belong in a superthread of "Stuff that doesn't deserve its own thread".
I think that if you want a WAYWO forum such as "Gamemodes" -- you're going to have to change the rules up a bit. At the moment, only gamemodes that are eventually going to be released can be posted in the Gamemodes section. A tad bit ridiculous as you're pretty much locking developers who have private projects they're working on completely out of feedback. One of the ways to give people incentive to create threads and avoid this "mega thread" mentality would be to probably not be so stern on showing off gamemodes -- most people would probably just throw the content for their gamemode in their respective gamemode thread. As of now though, you've disallowed that unless you plan on publicly releasing your gamemode -- on top of not being able to get feedback, it prevents people from finding unique content. Regardless, as it is now -- what you're proposing wouldn't work with the current rules, imo. WAYWO is used to showcase little things here and there that are made and give general feedback to those things. If you want a thread for everyone who goes, "wow guys, golly gee, i made my chat text have a shake effect!" then be my guest, but that's just going to lead to a way more cluttered forum. Sure, you could moderate it and require a base amount of content be posted or something, but that's just wasting moderators time when we have something that already works and works well. There's going to be countless threads popping up with absolutely no replies because what do you really say to "oh, i made a cool thing, guys!" -- you just react and move on. I know I'd browse less cause of it, anyway, way more effort going through tons of threads than pages on one thread. Forced change for the reason of change is a bit silly.
I feel really unconformable posting an entire thread just for a singular video/image, maybe it's just the mega-thread mentality that has been around for so many years, but i just really don't see the point of creating an entire thread for a few passing thoughts on what i'm currently coding, particularly when i don't want to go into detail but rather just show a quick progress screenshot.
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