• Updated Roadmap
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I've updated the Roadmap with some more plans, and removed the stuff that has been done. Progress is faster than I thought, so I've revised the dates. It's likely that the full switch will happen Q1 2018 now.
really liking what you've done so far with the new forums. speaking from the outside, i really do think having this roadmap is why so much progress has been made so quickly and i think it is cool that we get to see it
man i keep getting surprised by how fast progress has been as of late. well done A++. god there's so many good ideas up on there, i really like that 'coin bounty' idea for question threads, and that snow donating thing is gonna be hilarious. glad to see 'quoted post links' and 'increase first post size" up on there as well, that was probably the stuff most bugging me atm. also "Allow moderators to add and change emotes" o boy. the dog emots shall return. :dog:
Really hope the thread and post move happens as soon as the basic functionality is in place TBH, having to keep track of nearly the same threads on two sites is kinda annoying
Yep, that's something that's on my mind too.
I seem to remember them being mirrored (or something) onto old labpunch, so they were on both systems but labpunch posts didn't show back on oldpunch. Is that something that could be done again whilst in the process of moving, or is it different mechanics here?
5/6 chance of coins 1/6 chance of permaban
For "Multiple Associations", I've already signed in through my personal google account. Will I be able to add my separate google account I use for my YouTube channel and display that one or am I stuck with the original?
Tbh I've gone from hating newpunch to somewhat liking newpunch to really liking newpunch. Keep up the good work garry my boy
I see "move entire forum" has moved up from 2018+. That's exciting.
Crowdfunding will be most interesting, since most of us are stingy with coins and all that.
It blows my mind seeing small screenshots of people's coin amount... They could have gigantic avatars if they wanted, but they sit on them. I'm very interested to see what kind of coin the crowd funding schemes will generate.
No, they couldn't.
prices increase pretty quickly
250 will only get like, 10px increase(?). Its not worth it, rather keep them for other features once added.
Do the prices double for each new increment? I'm looking at 1 coin for 1px right now.
Yeah, some people figured it would take like 30 years to get oldpunch sized avatars based off the current coin drop rate
I'm gonna try to keep at least 2 spare coins for good posts.
Screw bigger avatars if it costs that much.
69x69 avatar is all i need
A lot of people have been on these forums for 10 years or more. It's good to always have progression.
You must made me think about it and even I have been here for 8 years o_O
Even after 12 years I don't feel larger avatars are a necessity. If anything if everyone's avatar were the same size there'd be some uniformity, which is appealing most of the time. But this is coming from someone that's had the same 64x64 av for 9 years. I have nothing at stake but a slightly larger bomberman. What interests me is whether or not new members can use animated gif. Because it wasn't always like that.
What are levels then, if not progression? Is progression even neccessary for a forum anyway?
I believe it's meant to incentivize consistent contributions. As you can see, just because I've been here a long time, doesn't necessarily mean I'm deserving of a high level. However, this isn't too say that post count directly correlates to good reputation. But it says something if you're able to achieve many thousands of posts without being banned.
After trying newpunch with the awfully white theme, I'm really liking it. Looking forward to the move!
I would be fine with levels serving nothing else than a number - maybe small benefits over time but nothing that breaks uniformity. It would make the legacy landscape very simple and keep in Facepunch's minimalist philosophy.
As another idea, what if Coins were used for a Secret Santa kind of deal, where you could buy perks/upgrades/etc for other users? It's a bit early to talk about Holidays, but I did bring it up because Garry mentioned the Snowflake idea.
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