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Put up a help page here: Help Anything you feel it should address that it doesn't already?
Perhaps a section on coins?
Good calls, thanks
Maybe add some anchors so you can easily link to parts
Forgot the part where users can CTRL+Z to undo the automatic link-to-title conversion. Member tiers? (Green / Gold / Admin) I'm guessing the full list of emote is forbidden knowledge?
There's people just like you, unable to deal with change, recreating the original forum design. It was a white theme that went a bit out of control .
Don't forget the pelase in the sentence after it and Legacy being a h2 instead of a title.
It'll also try to convert it to nice text by gravving the name of the webpage Gravving?
My FP is cut off for some reason
A section on how to quote across pages would be nice - I personally have no clue how.
It's called awfully white for a reason
It's more about presentation than the content, but "Legacy" should be in <title> tags, not <h2>. Also, three different key combinations are mentioned, but each one looks different ("Ctrl + Enter", "ctrl z", and "ctrl + z"). They should be consistent. Finally, the last sentence should have an "or" after "complaints". The actual information is good, though.
The Event page is currently showing empty entries
Those are users giving other users coins. A thread was already made about it two days ago.
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