• Questions about new API
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Now that the API is on the Roadmap, I got some questions. Will pages like profiles, notifications get their own API call? How will posting through API work? Will the post content forced to be in the quill delta format? Would it be possible for each user to have en API key, to make the whole logging in process easier? Like you login via a browser in an app, and the page will return an API key it will use for posting etc. Will there be an API documentation? I know it's pretty early to ask about this, as the API is planned for 2018. But i'm already preparing an app for the new forum, (and most likely other people too ) and currently there is only one API call which is for threads, which is really neat, but being prepared for stuff like logins would be really nice.
Not many plans on this. What I find with API's is that it's best to find the ideal situation and then do that. So maybe you guys can create a consensus on what that ideal situation is, and we'll do that?
Sure, I'll begin write something on this. Is there a specific place you want this information, or just this thread?
A thread will be best yeah
Made a thread here: My take on the NewPunch Tho i messed up the title, so if you can, could you add API to the end of the title?
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