• What do we use instead of winner?
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Winner was such an all-round rating and could easily be used to give a user recognition for something cool they had done. There are multiple trophy and medal emojis so why not? 🏆🎖️🏅🥇🥈🥉
Coin is the new winner Give me all your winners
Why don't people grasp the concept that there may not be a replacement for old ratings (at the moment). You don't use anything instead of Winner.
You use the dick you can suck on because Garry had forsaken us
I use the heart or the cookie.
I'm not adverse to bringing these old ratings back. Make a thread per rating.
I use the cookie as a bit of a jab. Like a "proud of you /s" thing. Not as intense as big whoop. I figured coin would be the new winner.
Yeah but I'm not spending any coins until I get my 80x160px avatar back and it starts animating. So never.
Avatar should still animate if you resize them to the exact pixels.
Yeah I know.
Peasant-winner --> baloon Burgeoise-winner --> cookie
I'd take a cookie over a medal any day. Can't eat a medal.
What about for optimistic? :(
I think informative needs to make a comeback.
the winner rating would be totally redundant right now lol. now zing, optimistic, and informative on the other hand would totally have some usage here.
but what about Useful? sometimes you just need to call someone a tool
how often does it even come up that you can really get to call someone a tool tho? i only ever did it to fuck with new mods and even that was rare as hell lol. but yea can just use snowflake or some shit.
Either that or just a straight up child molester
I figured Diamond would be a Winner. What's the Diamond for?
I think it is like the coin rating, but gives more coins instead of just one. You should, uh, rate me diamond to try it out eh?
So rating someone a coin actually gives him one of my coins huh?
Yeah, from what I've gathered - my notifications tell me I've received two coins from one of my posts being rated with two coins. I think it even tells you before you rate someone with the coin that it uses up one of your coins.
Yes, it asks you to confirm though, diamon is 10 coins.
Not with that attitude you can't.
I'd eat the fuck out of that.
I'd say coins should just replace winner, if you really think something is awesome you should put your money where your mouth is m'boy
I only have like 30 coins and a 64x64 avatar, a hobo ain't gonna give money to another hobo.
i've given you a coin to put away toward upgrading that tiny ass avatar you got. cheers
Don't spend it all in one place!
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