• are we gonna be able to embed spotify?
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https://open.spotify.com/track/6INLpBxo9F5QMer04VXEnd when i paste that in discord i get this can we get a similar feature for newpunch? bonus points if it comes with my friend ian praising your music taste every time you post something.
Ayy. Moon Safari is a choice album. However, I think Spotify embed is pretty niche. Even when compared to SoundCloud.
The allowance of spotify embeds are pretty 5. You must have an end user agreement and privacy policy. Any access, use, processing, and disclosure of Spotify user data shall comply with (i) these Widget Terms; (ii) your end user license agreement; (iii) your privacy policy; and (iv) applicable laws and regulations. and 7. If your Website or service is targeted to children, you may not embed or otherwise use the Spotify Platform
With Rust the target is definitely children.
Good. Now everyone go listen to that album
What's really cool about it is that I can keep listening to it even after leaving the page!
It sends a message to the spotify media player on your desktop (though the spotify server, not fp) That's why it really only works for people who actually use spotify
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