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The informative rating should be brought back. It would especially go well with the question/answer threads in the future.
Yea this is a good one. I mean if a post is SUPER informative you could give it a coin, but I'd think informative could still have some usage.
Trust microsoft to make the infomation emoji a fucking SQUARE.
Everyone and their dog making emoticon sets really is the worst thing that has happened in recent years.
I agree, and also I still enjoy rating the weirdest or outlandish posts 'informative' as it has always been.
that was my favourite bit of Deviantart Appreciation Station
would be nice yeah, regardless I'd personally give a coin the Good Idea rating will suffice for now
Coins kind of double as a bumped up version of any positive rating, I'd say it's closer to winner than informative though.
I did actually use this rating a lot, that and friendly but friendly is already here so that's good.
Someone else is probably gonna make a better one than me but w/e
I like the curly one but I think the i needs shifting over to the left a little.
Think of Marphy the children!!!
Like that?
My only gripe is that your designs don't follow the MS design standard which all the rest are. Recommend giving it a look.
All those images links are broken. I just wanna see the cool stuff.
https://i.imgur.com/GbDRXR0.png https://i.imgur.com/UoBpGMF.png
I think this are pretty good. I prefer the straight one thats more similar to the original informative rating, though maybe since we're on newpunch a fresh new informative rating would be best?
Somehow I don't think Garry wouldn't use any icons that aren't pulled straight from the Microsoft emoji set.
I'm just wondering why the Microsoft emoji set in the first place. You'd think the Apple emojis would be the most recognizable/mainstream. unless that was the point
Even though we already are using the funny?
Maybe because the Apple emojis look fucking horrible and aren't even consistent with themselves? Say what you want about the Microsoft emojis but they're distinctive and super consistent in style.
Just take this one exactly as it is but change it to a circle for a guaranteed Microsoft look?
Still think just recreating existing silk icon with MS guidelines is fine. Not visible in 24px but if 72px is used anywhere, I think top one with curves looks better
Slightly tweaked yours, I think the more vivid blue fits in with the rest of the icons better. Also the rings look a bit better at 24px now imo.
I'm honestly okay with Microsoft's square one...
The square one just looks totally wrong in my opinion.
Not to say it contrasts with the rest of newpunch emojis, which are mostly round
does the forum convert encode emoji to Microsoft ones? ℹ️
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