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Can upload files now by dragging and dropping into the reply/new thread box. I am almost certain I'm gonna regret it, but since we're moving into the modern age, it seems like the thing to do. There's no file type limitations right now, I'm not sure if that opens us up to xss or other exploits, so please let me know if find anything. UnityDownloadAssistant-2017.2.0f3.exe code.js
Will CTRL+V be supported for images?
Yeah, one day. Quill actually has support for that built in, but encodes it as part of the post instead of uploading, so I need to custom it.
I hope you'll be setting up an AV scan on the directory the files are stored at, allowing anything is risky to users. Wouldn't want to end up on one of the lists that a lot of AV use to flag sites distributing shit, already bad enough having to put in exceptions for mixtape (shit host) and cubeupload (still flagged as told UberMensch months ago).
Yeah my cousin has got norton from his school I'm gonna install that on amazon S3 and scan it every week
Fucking just made me choke on my drink.
This sounds expensive Pretty neat, though, is there a file size limit?
I am guessing that file size limit is below 500 mb. So far I tried to upload files starting with 20gb down to 500 mb and 253 mb. 253 mb worked while 500 mb did not.
Awesome! Been hoping for this.
Clicking around on the webpage randomly open the file selection dialog for me.
Looks like its handling the extensions correctly from the server side, haven't managed to get it to run anything yet, as they're just being passed as direct downloads. Which is good, don't want someone throwing a shell on the instance for example.
Level 5 to upload, max file size 50mb, 10mb increase per level, spend coin to upgrade
It looks like it happen all around the box with the css rule "body.page-forum .threadviewsection .postblock .postmain .postbody", Basically anywhere in the padding area.
something tells me exe uploading shouldn't be a thing
Nice! There is nothing more disheartening than finding an old thread with a dead link to a download you need. That said, I hope you have some kind of plan for what is and isn't allowed, ways to prevent abuse, etc.
Fixed file open dialog popping up, and added an upload button to the toolbar.
I, too, am testing this
Garry this seems to be the opposite of your desire to have small OP file sizes.
bless image hosting
You said in another thread that people were making ridiculously large OPs. Now people are going to be uploading all kinds of shit. Why not just tell them to host their files on a dedicated file host?
it was about the length of the delta, not the filesize When you have a shitload of objects in there, you get really shit load times. Pages took 45secs+ to even chrome to display the content you already downloaded
now i will never have to leave facepunch for anything ever again
Yes garry yes!
Excellent update as usual. We're all really grateful for the frequent updates/hard work, so keep it up!
Should be able to paste clipboard images now
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