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finally i can copy and paste and spam my shitty screencaps
ty, I can finaly post my memes at ease
Cool beans.
when it's a file like what posted, could it show filesize and stuff in a known link that couldn't be made via formatting? my concern is something like uploading a malicious file, and then changing the link to be a random hyperlink. minor concern but still a security concern nonetheless.
I guess this will fix Rust players having errors trying to upload images directly from their computers
ahh shit don't tell nintendo
It really is the modern age
So uh, what's stopping me someone from dumping my their entire porn anime collection here?
I dumped like 100MB of weebshit on labpunch oify when it was around my greatest work
Doing gods work here.
lets test uploading a hugeass file and see what happens heres 495mb of dank af wallpapers in case it works Archive 2.zip
Congratulations! You filled your monthly quota of 0.5GB used to upload memes. If you like to continue using this service, please pay 1 coin
I'm liking this, takes the pain out of posting pictures and especially webms and shit So is there going to be a file size limit at all? Or is it going to be a common sense rule?
Something I'd like to see in my user profile is a collection of images and videos I've uploaded directly to the site for easy access.
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