• Marmoset Viewer Embed?
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I dont suppose that in the same vein as sketchfab, marmoset viewer embeds could also be made to work? Id imagine the most common place that these would be hosted would be artstation, which does seem to allow external embedding. Heres one of my own models featuring marmviewer, so you dont have to hunt for one ArtStation
I wholeheartedly endorse this idea. It'd be nice to have viewer support. While sketchfab is nice, marmoset viewer generally produces better, more consistent results. It's also way easier to generate a marmoset viewer file if you're already working with marmoset, and doesn't gate off features behind a pro account. Side by side: ArtStation vs
Is marmoset always hosted on artstation?
It generates a mview container, and you have the option to generate html to display it. The size of the file is generally texture and model dependent, Artstation allows up to 15MB for non-pro accounts. Here's a link to a small exported scene, zipped up with the autogen html. Viewer Export.7z Marmoset has some basic documentation on embedding as well: Viewer Integration Guide | Marmoset
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