• Let OPs autoplay Youtube videos
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I think I want it.
I don’t think so
lol i'm having visions of threads with innocent sounding titles containing ear rape autoplaying videos in them. what's wrong with just putting the video at the top so people can just click it if they actually want it to play
Pretty sure no modern forum offers this in 2017 because it would be so abusable.
I'm not sure there is a feature much worse than auto playing videos on websites. Cancer unless they are muted by default even then place no.
Yeah I really don't see why autoplaying videos are worthwhile for... any reason. It would be more of an annoyance than anything, and pretty open for abuse.
Fuck no.
And even worse, it wastes bandwidth for users with capped internet, and mobile users.
imagine clicking on a thread and opening to porn
What an absolutely terrible idea.
Maybe user bans weren't such a bad idea after all.
I'd rather not open a thread and be greeted by a Rick roll.
Fuck no.
I got my diamond, we can close the thread now.
So this wasn't a serious suggestion thread?
it was tbh
That just makes it even worse tbh
Can we add a feature that takes coins away from shit ideas
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