• Solvable Thread Test
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Testing. You can ignore this if you want.
Don't you need an answer/reply to mark it solved?
I do indeed
Please don't lock solved threads. Often the marked solution is bad practice or whatever.
Yeah, wasn't planning to lock them. I was considering not bumping on reply tho.
sent you a pm with the solution plz lock the thread so no one will get the answer
nvm I figured it out myself no coin for any of you!
Something that makes me wonder, should the help/support forums force threads to be solvable?
I believe so, especially in the Garry's Mod section. Way too many people create duplicate threads and bump old ones - so it would help cut down on a lot of that.
I mean why not? I cannot think of any thread in there that wouldn't solvable. Well, except for people posting in the wrong sub forum. Maybe the thread creator should also be notified that they created a solvable thread, so they know they can pick a reply and mark it as a solution for the problem. I can see tons of people just posting a question thread and never set it to solved.
Good, in oldpunch the gmod developer section often had solved threads with bad answers. Not being able to reply and help was annoying.
A programming help subforum would be good.
How do you deal with a situation when a new user finds an answer and never comes back?
The thread will probably get closed by an admin or just get buried over time. If no reply within a week or so, then remove it?
Also what about the possibility of multiple correct awnswers?
This is the best method. If a thread is locked and you need to ask a clarifying question you have to make a new thread, which no one wants.
The plan was, if after a week it's unanswered but there's an outstanding bounty, automatically resolve using the answer with the most Agree's.
Not a bad idea. Now in these section (Programming/Developer Section in Gmod/Help & Support in Gmod) is there a chance we can do something where it checks for previously existing threads using keywords in the title? Then list said possible already solved threads to the person creating the thread like "Hey, check these out - your answer may already exist!"
That or solutions are usually updated over time, could be interesting for public to recind a old answer
But nobody will see your post on the old thread if it doesn't get bumped, so you might as well make a new thread anyways.
Any H&S sections, this should be forced. Anything else though should be optional but it should be a toggle sort of thing. SH and Polidicks for example don't need a solution OP you know
Maybe bump it like a normal thread and then it can be locked manually if it's a problem?
This a known bug? accepted my post as an answer. But I didn't really know I had an unread alert that would not appear on the list, It was in the alerts json request, so I guess it's just not being added to the DOM
Somehow the solveable thread button needs to be clearer, looking in the gmod Developing section there's almost no posts that use it
Users should understand the weight of the "Agree" rating in solvable threads if such a system is in place. (Maybe resolve with Coin rating instead?) Also, if a second and more correct answer is posted after the thread has been resolved, the bounty might go wasted on the first one
Maybe there should be a different rating, "good answer" that exists only on solvable threads?
I think a "Thanks" rating available in all threads would be more useful in the long term.
Dang. Thanks ratings? That's going wayyyy back.
Shit I'm showing my age.
The accepted answer doesn't move up though and it's kind of hard to spot it when there's a lot of replies, it would probably be a neat little feature to have it move up.
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