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You know how in some email apps/interfaces as well as some texting apps - your unsent message will be saved and can be retrieved later if you do not send it right away? It's super handy if you have flaky internet or your app/browser shits the bed because you can just start it up again and continue where you left off. I've lost count of the amount of times I've lost posts due to very brief server hiccups or my browser crashing on me. Do you think it would be possible to make a system that can recall what you were last typing in a post box and place it back there again the next time you go to make a post? (If said post was incomplete). Apologies if I worded this badly. I can try and explain better if needed.
Like an email draft? If so I'd like an option to turn it off. I discard a lot of posts every day.
Perhaps a button that says "Recall Last Typed Post" or something. You can either start new or quickly click it to continue where you left off.
I'm pretty sure this was a feature on Oldpunch for a short while at least, and your draft got saved and put back in the reply box anytime you navigated back to that thread. Would be nice to have again tho.
vB2 thing, from a lonnnnnnggg time ago.
Why did it ever get removed from oldpunch? I 100% support this idea, this happened to me A LOT on oldpunch. Especially on mobile. Chrome on Android will clear the memory of an open tab if you switch to another for too long. Often I would write a post, need to get a link from the gmod wiki, go grab the link and oh look at that I have to start all over again. Not to mention the occasional ReCaptcha which, while ensuring I'm not a bot, decides that whether I am one or not, I'm not worthy of having my fully-written, properly submitted post actually posted. Every time anything like this happens it feels like an enormous 'fuck you' even if it's for a small 10-second post. TL;DR: Yes please!
This is something I've wanted for a LONG time.
Oh my god it stores the post indefinitely until posted?!?!
Yes, please, the fucking times when I lost my post because backspace.
Thank you!
so wait, is this live now? pre-submit edit: yes, it is:
awesome, it works. this is rad.
Fuck yeah! I just saved a post that would have been lost due to a net hiccup. Thanks again for this.
As an unfortunate side-effect, an unintended quote cannot be deleted IN ANY WAY on mobile. Example: I 'accidentally' quoted a post, if I want to reply to ANYTHING in this thread EVER after this point, I have to keep it.
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