• Coin rewards for submitting actionable post reports??
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So here's a probably obvious idea for whenever the report feature gets added: what about also including a system that awards the user(s), idk, maybe 5 coins if the report they sent in actually results in some sorta moderator action? Don't think it'd need any sorta daily cap, either, because again it'd only give the reward if a mod/admin takes action off it. there's so many times we stumble upon some dumbass drama that's been going on for ages in a thread, and when we ask why nobody reported it we always gets the weirdest excuses. They assumed someone else already did it, they couldn't be bothered, they didn't think it'd matter, etc etc etc. SO if you put in some sorta incentive to make good reports, maybe more people would chip in then. And as a bonus, this would also means any time some prick is trying to troll people, all he's gonna accomplish is netting the people he's trolling free coins for when they report him lol. idk there's probably some drawbacks I'm not thinking of and maybe some tweaks this would need, so let me know if you have any ideas, but otherwise yea this seems like it could be a good approach to getting people to actually help out the mods more
time to scour the rust forum to report any post i find somewhat disagreeable
you'll only get coins if we ban off it so by all means plz spare me that suffering
I don't like this, I think it'd encourage users to report as many slightly questionable posts as they can find, which would give mods the opposite problem: a report queue that's all shitted up. I have a better idea: a notification that says "%%USER%% was recently banned due to your report." I think that's all that's needed. Lots of games do it for reporting cheaters, and it works well because it's direct feedback and that's enough to be satisfying and encourage reporting.
yea but it's not like we'd be powerless to stop that. we could bring back the 2 reports for a post to get sent to the report list, or if it's the same people doing it over and over then we could warn them to just stop reporting period cuz they suck lol. that doesn't solve the problem of people not reporting posts because they think someone else will or because they don't feel like it, tho
I take issue with it because, from a gamification standpoint, what I described is the ideal strategy for farming coins. You can use moderation to keep that in check, and that's fine, but in my opinion, if manual oversight is needed to keep the logical conclusion to game design in check, the game design isn't where it should be. And honestly, I think bystander effect doesn't quite apply here because reporting is so easy and instantaneous, and because there isn't much psychological sense of a crowd. Bystander effect applies to calling 911 in a crowd because calling 911 is an annoying ordeal and you have a strong sense of the people surrounding you. On a forum, you have neither.
I can see a coin farm here. One person makes an alt countless times, the other one reports his posts, giving him 5 coins every time. Unless those 5 coins are taken from the banned user's pockets. But that would mean only 1 iser max would get those 5 coins.
Do you really think the mod team wouldn't notice such unscrupulous activity?
you'd have a point if I was talking about hypothetical situations, but it's an actual issue we get all the time. People really do just not bother reporting because of effort or because of assumptions, and it does lead to a lot of issues. yea that's a fair point, but that's why it'd only be 5 coins. 5 coins isn't a great deal in the grand scheme of things, so I'd think the effort someone would have to go through to continually register accounts over and over again to give people any gain would be totally silly. But hey if they really did try, we could always just IP ban them.
I agree it's a problem that should be solved, but I think that simply notifying users that one of their reports resulted in a ban would be enough feedback without getting all mucked up in the weird coin system.
Of course they would, but what are they gonna do? IP ban them? Ban those, who farmed?
well again like I said, what you proposed is no different then the system the old forums already had so i don't see the point. this still just seems harmless enough of an approach to me. Besides, there's already a great deal of the forum's features that are going to be tied into the coin system, I don't see how adding the report feature to that list is suddenly mucking things up.
Make it so the user who gets banned has to pay out the coins to everyone that reported them in equal lump sums. If the banned user cannot pay their debts they're put into the Debtors Prison subforum of the Refugee Camp and pay it off somehow. This encourages users to not fuck up so bad that they take a huge loss, and encourages posters to report awful posts. The more you get banned, the higher each lump sum payout is. If you've been banned a ton, you're basically Public Enemy #1 and have a huge reward. This would mean shitposting becomes exponentially more expensive until you're locked up. Perhaps Mods can also see each users current reward payout as a form of how many times they've been banned. Being banned is bad, and it should hurt you financially if you get banned a lot. Being a good forum member and reporting bad posts should get you rewarded. Over time this will result in bad posters being poor and good posters being rich, allowing more purchases to the good and less to the bad.
Fair enough, actually.
Maybe a moral thing but I wouldn't feel comfortable getting some sort of reward for reporting a post. When I do it without a reward, ie oldpunch, it's a matter of keeping the community on track and nothing more. Getting something for it feels closer to being an informant than someone who just cares about a site they frequent.
you're gamifying being a divisive poster to get people banned after reporting them imo there shouldn't be any way to earn coins from a negative forum interaction. incentivizing bad behavior is a bad idea
to be clear, you're basically encouraging tuddposting (i know tudd is a dirty word). someone shitposts just hard enough to bait people, reports their posts, they get banned, they get coins out of it. i don't see any situation where that's okay
I was kinda running on autopilot with the debtors prison thing. The main function of my system would be that bad posters pay out more and more each time they're banned until they're broke (they don't necessarily have to get banned once they're broke), while the posters who report them get rewarded. If the forum is going to use coins for things it makes sense that the people who are awful have no money and can't buy things. It would incentive people to REPORT which is the point so that you get the money to buy fancy things. Basically, bad posting has the risk of losing money, while reporting people has the chance of earning money. It's the same system Postal outlined except the banned user is getting punished more severely each time. Maybe something like +1 coin per ban. If you've only been banned once, and 3 people report you, you lose 3 coins. The next time you get banned if 2 people report you, you loose 4 coins. etc, etc, until getting banned is expensive.
but again, you're giving people indirectly the ability to take coins away from people by baiting them into it that doesn't seem kosher to me.
In this situation the person doing the baiting would presumably also be reported. If everyone in the thread is reporting them for baiting, then they stand to lose a whole lot of coin. If you can't debate the person without getting yourself banned then that's on you. (as it was in the old forums imo)
how many times did tudd get banned? how many times did tudd get people banned? tudd is the reason why i think this is a bad idea
imo i think the best approach to this is to just keep it as simple as possible really. no coin trading or coin deductions, just simple gain some coins if your report doesn't suck so you'll be encouraged to keep reporting.
Then don't post and/or flame them in their threads of you don't want to get banned like people already should do? The point is people who get banned should lose money while the people reporting should be rewarded. If you're so afraid of your inability to ignore Tudd then perhaps keep it all a flat rate so that the person getting banned loses a constant amount not associated with how much the reporters earn.
if offering a full coin for a report that got mod action is too much and w/e dumb concerns u guys can poop out mentioning a specific user no one sane cares about. just have it boost level progress or like double xp for doing normal forum stuff still inline with daily limits (or just 1.5x that daily limit for just a day) this way people still need to peddle through the system like everyone else, and results will show if they keep making good reports.
I think we need to rethink how we moderate, that's why I haven't added a report button yet. It's something we need to think about more and maybe discuss between the moderators.
Justice and halting disturbance is more than enough incentive to report imho.
hell yeah I'm in
What about some sort of enhanced reward for consistent good reports like building a streak, but if you make a bad report it breaks your streak and you go back to a regular reward. Hopefully that would encourage reports but discourage report spam.
Reporting posts that don't break the rules serves no purpose other than wasting the time of the mods. If you know it violates the rules, report it; if you don't, ask your favorite moderator.
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