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Someone closed SIP-widget-GC - Hardware & Software - Forum but didn't give any reason why. Maybe someone from the mod team can explain this decision as I don't understand why it wouldn't be allowed?
Kiwi closed SIP-widget-GC in Hardware & Software
I don't understand why it would be prevented that people use the new forums when they want to, it was 's call to open the new forums and I see no intention to contain certain threads on the old forums 'till he moves them. Hell, in the H&S section there literally is a Quick Questions Thread continuation. No one is forcing sipwicket over and I have no issue with my thread being closed once the legacy threads are migrated to 'merge' the userbase, but as it is right now I don't understand the reasoning behind locking any discussion thread that is similar to something on the legacy board. Considering there is no definitive timeline for H&S threads to be migrated over, I see value in having a thread on the new forums that serves the same purpose.
fucken newmods
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